Friday, 24 February 2012

No One by Alistair The Optimist

This video was created by Alistair`s good friends Rich Lee and Louise Baker Lee in California, it was filmed on the LA river-this is the first music video from "Alistair The Optimist " album.
"No One " is available as a free download at

The C/D is due to be released on the 5th March on " Mike Floats records " and will be available to buy from

I think this is a really lovely song- Please support Alistair, 22 % of the album sales will be going to the MNDA . Enjoy x

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Guess the location and win a free M.N.D. Awareness band

Thank you Steve for sending in this lovely photograph of your wife Kim [ seated ] and sister in law Sylvia . Steve had purchased some of our awareness bands from me- back in October last year and wrote promising to send in a photograph for the blog- to be taken on a forth coming cruise they were all looking forward to in January of this year -I hope you all had a lovely time by the way ! So , lets get the fun started -any ideas as to where this picture was taken ? first correct entry wins a free MND band !!

Before you all ask -here are a few clues.............

This place has been sculptured over time by several eruptions-the last being in 1909-it boasts of rugged terrain and dramatic landscapes and subtropical climates and sits on in the Atlantic ocean
Hmm I think that`s enough clues for now -any ideas ?