Saturday, 24 September 2011

Recording Alistair The Optimist

This is a video of a recording session for Alistair the Optimist`s album 2011 at Woolley Valley , in Somerset .The track is " Metal Men " and features Kathryn Calder [The New Pornographers ] on backing vocals.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Good luck to Pete and Cecilia and keep the photographs coming !

I would just like to wish Pete Collins and his girlfriend Cecilia Brice[ pictured above ] lots of luck -they will be flying out to Africa on October the 13 th with 11 other people to take part in the MND international Challenge to trek up Mount Kilimanjaro - in memory of Pete`s dad Steve
who was diagnosed with MND in February 2007- sadly Steve lost his battle with the illness in November 2008. Since then Pete with the help of his family and friends has thrown himself into raising as much money as possible for the MNDA. By the end of this year he will have raised more then 30,000 after trekking to Macchu Picchu ,climbing Kilimanjaro , running half marathons and organizing numerous charity events. His brother John Collins has nominated Pete to carry the Olympic flame with the Lloyds TSB in London 2012 Olympic relay-his brother writes .....he is simply the best man I know who`d carry the torch with such pride and to my mind, be so deserving of the honour . I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you Peter that you make the final selection-your dad would have been so very proud of you I`am sure ! You can keep up with his exploits via twitter @peteandceMND
or donate
Pete has promised to send us photograph when he reaches the summit ! [proudly wearing his MND awareness band ]
A huge thank you to everyone who takes the time and trouble to send in a photograph for our blog and who then go on to post photographs wearing their MND bands onto facebook !!
Please keep the photographs coming ! It helps spread the word- raises awareness and the more bands I sell the more I make for the MNDA !!
Thank you to Diane and hubby pictured above-I can`t make out what you are watching on telly but goes to show if you are shy- then the photograph you send in doesn`t have to show your face/s-be inventive !! and to Karen and Daniel pictured below thank you for this lovely photograph of you both-your support is much appreciated x

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Alistair The Optimist - Channel 5 - Sept 11

Alistair The Optimist gave an interview today for channel 5- I thought he did brilliantly, he had mentioned on face book that he was more than a little nervous about it -I must say he came across really well-it`s great that people like Alistair are willing to go on television and talk openly
about their illness to help raise awareness of this dreadful disease. Alistair`s album should be out just before Christmas [ message to hubby - please take note ! x ]

Nobody guessed correctly in our travelling bands competition ! Well , not fully anyway -Maura you were the closest [ Linda -you knew but didn`t comment ]
The clues were all in the photographs -A Spanish flag was flying , The artist was Salvador Dali and the location Marbella !

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Win A free MND awareness band !

Okay ! Can you give me the name of the artist who sculptured these master pieces and the location where they are situated in ? And in doing so- win yourselves a free MND awareness band .I think this is quite easy-so I`am not giving out too many clues this time !
This person was trained as a skilled draftsman and had an extensive artistic repertoire including films , sculpture and photography. Most of his paintings were said to be influenced by the Renaissance masters, The location is a popular destination for luxury cruise ships. Hmm .... not my cup of tea- but what do you think ? any ideas ? Can you spot our travelling bands by the way ? Click on the pictures to enlarge.