Monday, 31 January 2011

Asda Foyer Collection

Well Ann and I were up early last Sunday morning bleary eyed but bushy tailed ! We did our foyer collection at Asda supermarket in Kinmel Bay- On arrival we were supplied with a table and a couple chairs by some of the very helpful male staff who couldn`t do enough for us ! The only downside was that the foyer was freezing cold- I was so glad we had wrapped up warmly .
We had a steady stream of visitors all checking up on us throughout the day to make sure we were o.k.-John and Chris arrived with a packet of custards tarts for us to have on our coffee break ! Then Tim-whom I managed to miss as Ann and I had decided to take it in turns to explore and warm up at the same time by doing a tour of the store ! [I was gone some time- I ended up buying some P J`s -they have some really good stuff there and very reasonable priced too!! ] Hubby then arrived with a very welcome flask of coffee and the time pretty much flew by-we made £ 107.65 for the M.N.D.A.- O.K. not a huge amount but every little bit helps- and it all adds up ! We are also doing a bag pack at this store on the 27 th February- so it was handy being there so we could count how many tills were open and make a note of their busiest times -If anyone can spare an hour and would like to come along to help - you can contact me at

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mike Peters - Father to Son @ The Gathering 28/01/11

This weekend the band The Alarm were playing at the gathering held at Pontins holiday camp here in Prestatyn-Andrew was determined he was going and the whole family got behind him to support him-We all headed down there in a convoy of cars Andrew ,Jayne , son Jonathan and his girlfriend in one car- John , Ann ,Tim and son Peter and myself in another -we were ushered in through the stage door and taken to the back of the gig where all the sound crew were working-this area was cordoned off to the public -Andrew and Jayne were escorted through, It was lovely to see how many of the sound guys and technicians made a beeline for Andrew and there was a lot of hugs and back slapping going on ! He was in his element ! though I`am sure it was hard at times to stop himself from adjusting a few knobs and switches as he is usually working and not relaxing at these events ! We did think we would be only stopping for an hour but it turned out to be all evening -we all really enjoyed ourselves !
Ann and I are a little bleary eyed this morning ! we are off to Asda`s for a foyer collection for MNDA- wish us luck !

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Stylish blogger award

I would just like to thank Dia so very much for nominating this blog for a stylish blogger award-I`am thrilled to bits ! I now have to disclose 7 things about myself you did not know- hmmm !

1. I hate spiders-they always make an appearance when hubby is out-I once battered one to death with a yard brush [it was life or death situation-him or me ] my lounge wall was covered in mud after !

2.when I first met my husband he was a gamekeeper-he taught me how to load and fire a shotgun [may come in useful one day ?]

3 .It took me 3 goes to pass my driving test ! [Not that it ever stopped me ? less said about that
the better ! ]

4. I hate heights !

5. My favourite daydream- I can dance a perfect foxtrot !

6. After a Tom Jones concert in Sheffield with John and too much to drink I boarded a tram and treated everyone to my very own rendition of sex bomb !

7. My very first job was in a stud farm working with horses

I think I`am supposed to nominate other people now but there are so many blogs I love out there I do not want to leave anyone out ! I will think about this as I have just got home after a night out -will check with John as I do not know the rules to this game ! x

Monday, 24 January 2011

Where is J.T. Thompson ?

This gentleman was born on the 10th August 1821 in Northumberland England-he went on to become a great explorer, writer and surveyor ! This statue has been erected in his honour but can anyone tell me where ? A clue ? Our very own Viv sent this picture in and yes-he is still on the run in New Zealand !
Oh ! Great news ! Remember the motor bike that was donated to us to sell ? hubby sold it today making £500.00 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association ! Thank you to Gwynnie and Mal for being so very kind and generous and donating it to us in the first place ! hugs to you both xx

Update on Andrew- we visited him in hospital this evening - when we arrived it was lovely to see his hospital room packed full of people,Mike Peters and fellow band members from the Alarm- and friends were all there visiting him- I can`t tell you how much of a boost it gave him -what a wonderful rowdy lot they all were ! A lovely bunch of guys ! nice to see Andrew smiling again-hopefully he should be going home on Wednesday !

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Above is a picture of Phil [Strat ]- lead guitarist from the band "Steamy Windows " in action playing a guitar Andrew custom built especially for him ! Andrew has been Phils guitar tech for a while now- not long before he was first diagnosed with M.N.D. Andrew held a large BQ at his home in Denbigh- his own group The Resistance played [ with Andrew on the drums ] and so did Steamy Windows- with both bands jamming the night away until the early hours- we had a fabulous time ! Marques had been set up on the lawn and a large wire log basket was lit, helping keep the mosquitoes at bay ! It was a lovely summers evening- with lots of wine beer and food- some people set up tents and stayed the night !
Phil and Charlie [another band member ] came along to support our Sainsburys bag pack last year-helping us raise over £1 000.00 for the M.N.D.A , This is the guitar Andrew built for Phil [pictured below ] last year- though he didn`t do the artwork on it-A graphic designer did that ! It`s a beauty isn`t it ?

Phil and Charlie and the rest of the band members have said all along that they would like to do something to support Andrew and to help raise awareness and funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, Ann Jones chairperson of the Prestatyn Cons Club has known Andrew for many years -in fact her husband use to play snooker with Andrew ! she approached me last year offering to put on a social night- we have set the date for March the 19 th- Ann asked me if I knew of a band that would come and play so I suggested Steamy Windows ! They were delighted and said yes straight away ! I`am organizing the raffle and I have made a start today ! If any one has any unwanted Christmas gifts or would like to donate a prize for our raffle please contact me at
Thank you to everyone for all your kind words and messages of support this week- we have really appreciated it .[see comment on last post Dai bends ]

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dai the Bends

On the journey to my brother`s home in Denbigh I often pass by a house whose occupant is a fan in the art of topiary- these topiary`s never fail to make me smile ! Never one usually to miss a photographic opportunity I often declared that one of these days I would stop by and ask the owner if I could take some photographs , that day arrived last Sunday. The house or small holding as it turned out to be is situated at the top of a steep incline after some rather tight S bends-Hubby parked the car as I set off in my best boots tip toeing across a muddy courtyard -camera in hand , I was greeted by a very loud woof and a very large dog -I must have look pretty startled - [ I was frozen to the spot wondering whether to turn and make a run for it back to the car ] as a man [looked to be in his fifties ] tinkering on a tractor laughed and reassured me that the dog would not hurt me-I explained my mission [ clutching and waving my packet of- mnd wristbands at him] and asked very politely if I could take some photo`s for my blog of his topiarys . Of course you can go and help yourself and tell your husband to put his car in the driveway-safer there-I thanked him profusely and tip toed off [should have put my wellies on -I grumbled to myself ! ] across the muddy garden lawn, hubby sat in the car with the window wound down instructing me as to the best angles- When suddenly another gentleman arrived obviously the father of the man tinkering on the tractor! So -you like me topiarys-do you [ in a very welsh accent ] and started to give me a private tour and history of his garden. I explained what and why I was doing it and pulled a couple of the bands out of my pocket to give him-these are for you ! How much do I owe you ? he said -Nothing I replied - he pulled out a fiver and pressed it into my hand- I`m sorry its not more-take it ! I protested but he quickly changed the subject and carried on with the garden tour ! I must admit I felt overwhelmed by his kindness- When I asked him his name he laughed
Dai the bends-Dai the dogs or Dai the cattle take your pick he chuckled [ hubby was now out the car leaning on the door joining in on our conversation ] and this `ere is Charlie Dimmock [see below ] but we have changed her name to Dolly Parton because-well bits of her grew- Umm I see what you mean- where best to put the bands ? Pointing he said you should put them- well- there and there [ hubby was leaning over the garden wall ] laughing , and so I did !
And these are part of a hunting scene[ see below ] he explained-the fox is further along the hedge making a getaway- as the lady next door is anti -hunt ! I left him chatting happily to Ned as I negotiated my way round the garden and chickens -He had bought his house back in 1952 from the local estate- which was being broken up by the land owner in order to pay his gambling debts-[Ned was fascinated,he loves history stories ] I listened as I ambled round
The riders all have flower pot heads as riding hats ! S4C came here and filmed my garden-I could here him telling Ned-they were here for hours -just for a few minutes footage !
And that one over there [he shouted across at me ] is for the police [see below ] who said I was causing accidents -people slowing down to look at me garden-surely slowing down is a good thing given the sharp bends ? I replied
You would think so he chuckled-come back in the summer and see how my Welsh dragon is doing- he said -[ I promised I would ]- as we left he invited hubby back to see his tractor- oh thats it you won`t get rid of him now I laughed - we parted like old friends
I wish there were more dai`s in this world-the world would be a nicer place- I felt privileged to have met him, I know when I drive past that house now I will feel like I know a secret- I have met the man who lives there- I will never forget his kindness.

Friday, 14 January 2011

My Garden

Here in Britain we have what is called The National Garden Scheme- it was founded in 1927 to raise money for the queens nursing institute by opening gardens of quality and interest to the public .N.G.S. across England and Wales welcome over half a million visitors each year-most gardens are privately owned and open up just a few times a year -some open as part of a group with the whole community involved-they raise nearly 2 million pounds a year ! A few years ago we decided to get a dog from the local rescue centre- North Clwyd Rescue [ ] the rescue centre receives no state funding and relies on voluntary donations- so in order to help boost their coffers I decided to do my own version of the open garden scheme and let the public in [well-members of the local horticultural society , friends and family and some of the rescue centre`s staff/supporters ! Everyone chipped in-making lots of yummy cakes-visitors paid 2.50 for a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a tour round my garden [I have a lot of nerve-my garden is not huge-but hey ! it was all for a good cause, We raised over £280.00. Later on in the year my brother opened his allotment and did the same thing raising money for his local church .This year I have decided to open my garden again to raise funds for The Motor Neurone Disease Association.
Oh boy ! Have I got some work to do ! This use to be our vegetable patch- last year it became my cutting garden-hard to believe it did look rather nice !- I do like to leave all the seed heads on for the birds [ thats my excuse and I`am sticking to it ] We thought it might be a nice idea if we could get a few more volunteers to open their gardens on the same day - have a walking tour of gardens ? What do you think ? I will take some cuttings to pot up and sell- Ann will bring some of her homemade jam [well I`am hoping she will-she did last time ] and hold a raffle- rather hoping John will make me some more of his yummy cakes ?
Will let every one know when I set the date for -till then I`d better get cracking and do some work ......................

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Acts of kindness

My twin brother John ( phoned me last week to let me know that that some cards had arrived in the post for me- sent by fellow blogger Diane- [ do pop over and say hello if you get the chance ! ] I`am absolutely addicted to her blog ! She is a very talented lady and makes all sorts of lovely things [ she takes some cracking photographs too ] She had handmade a card for John and had enclosed some extra for me to sell to make some money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association ! How kind and thoughtful is that ? The cards are beautiful - I wrote to thank her immediately-saying already I have sold two and my sister and myself are fighting over the rest ! No sooner had I said that then some more arrived in the post today ! You are an absolute star Diane -Thank you so very much ! What a lovely kind and generous person you are !

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Prestatyn Presbyterian Church Hotpot Supper

Last Friday the Rev Mike Smith and his congregation from the Presbyterian Church here in Prestatyn held their New Year Celebrations with a hotpot supper, we were invited along as guests- as the evenings proceeds were being donated to Andrews charity the M.N.D.A. The evening was organized by the Friday society-Our very own photographer Stuart Lewis was in charge of cooking the hotpot- Stuart now retired use to work in catering so was more than qualified for the job !
The trestle tables had been set up ready when we arrived and people were being seated-Everyone was very welcoming and friendly and made us feel very much at home , After all the introductions we took our seats and were given a quiz to do while we waited for our hotpot to be served !It was a great icebreaker and a lot of fun !
I just love all the Beryl woods china the tables were laid out with ! Very retro ! The hotpot was delicious -served steaming hot with lots of fresh bread rolls and lashings of butter !

Myself hubby Ned and brother in law Tim -tucking in to our hotpot !
After the hotpot- the pudding was served and what a selection to choose from ! All our family chose the bread and butter pudding -again with lashings of cream ! Pictured here are the lovely ladies who served the puddings [and washed up afterwards ] !!
A raffle was then held -followed by some Scottish dancing-which was great fun-hubby is still getting over the flu so Tim and I had a spin round the floor- though I must admit I loved sitting and watching all the kids having fun it was very entertaining just watching them !
At the end of the evening Ann and myself were presented with a cheque by committee member Roy Rendall for the sum of £300.00 !
Thank you to all the members of the Presbyterian Church for all your hard work which went into making the evening such a success-we really enjoyed our night and Andrew was delighted -Our fund raising thermometer is now well over the half way mark now thanks to you all !

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New years resolutions !

Hello ! its our old friend Viv -he`s back ! For those of you who do not follow the blog on a regular basis-Viv has been " on the run " in New Zealand in a camper van nicknamed "the mouse " for a few months now - his whereabouts have finally been rumbled after I gave out too many clues - sorry Viv ! After sending this photo to me- he now writes -it was actually pouring down with rain at the time and I was on my own- so I set the camera up in the camper and put the timer on - then ran round to get in position before 10 seconds were up ! Good job there was nobody there to witness such foolish acts ! Great picture Viv ! keep the photo`s coming-don`t you agree ? I love seeing where you`re at !
Though right now I think a couple of months in starvation gully would do me the world of good- [ though rather worryingly it says no exit out ? ] yup ! its the time of year when thoughts turn to diets and keeping fit ! [ groan! ] I guess this year I have the added incentive of the calendar to make me stick to a diet [ help !] I start Monday ................ hmm ? We now are just one person short for our calendar-[ thank you to Lucy-my step- sons girlfriend who has volunteered to join us ] It is Andrew`s birthday on Friday- and just for the record he will be 58 ! Happy birthday bro ! xx

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy new year !

A very happy new year to the Kirkham family -who sent me these photo`s on new years eve-they were on their way down to visit friends and watch the fireworks ! I think you all can guess where- quite easily with this one ! I bet they were fabulous Nia ! you lucky thing ! The weather looks gorgeous too ! Lovely family photographs
Hope you had a fantastic time- and thank you so much for all your support -appreciated ! xxx