Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dai the Bends

On the journey to my brother`s home in Denbigh I often pass by a house whose occupant is a fan in the art of topiary- these topiary`s never fail to make me smile ! Never one usually to miss a photographic opportunity I often declared that one of these days I would stop by and ask the owner if I could take some photographs , that day arrived last Sunday. The house or small holding as it turned out to be is situated at the top of a steep incline after some rather tight S bends-Hubby parked the car as I set off in my best boots tip toeing across a muddy courtyard -camera in hand , I was greeted by a very loud woof and a very large dog -I must have look pretty startled - [ I was frozen to the spot wondering whether to turn and make a run for it back to the car ] as a man [looked to be in his fifties ] tinkering on a tractor laughed and reassured me that the dog would not hurt me-I explained my mission [ clutching and waving my packet of- mnd wristbands at him] and asked very politely if I could take some photo`s for my blog of his topiarys . Of course you can go and help yourself and tell your husband to put his car in the driveway-safer there-I thanked him profusely and tip toed off [should have put my wellies on -I grumbled to myself ! ] across the muddy garden lawn, hubby sat in the car with the window wound down instructing me as to the best angles- When suddenly another gentleman arrived obviously the father of the man tinkering on the tractor! So -you like me topiarys-do you [ in a very welsh accent ] and started to give me a private tour and history of his garden. I explained what and why I was doing it and pulled a couple of the bands out of my pocket to give him-these are for you ! How much do I owe you ? he said -Nothing I replied - he pulled out a fiver and pressed it into my hand- I`m sorry its not more-take it ! I protested but he quickly changed the subject and carried on with the garden tour ! I must admit I felt overwhelmed by his kindness- When I asked him his name he laughed
Dai the bends-Dai the dogs or Dai the cattle take your pick he chuckled [ hubby was now out the car leaning on the door joining in on our conversation ] and this `ere is Charlie Dimmock [see below ] but we have changed her name to Dolly Parton because-well bits of her grew- Umm I see what you mean- where best to put the bands ? Pointing he said you should put them- well- there and there [ hubby was leaning over the garden wall ] laughing , and so I did !
And these are part of a hunting scene[ see below ] he explained-the fox is further along the hedge making a getaway- as the lady next door is anti -hunt ! I left him chatting happily to Ned as I negotiated my way round the garden and chickens -He had bought his house back in 1952 from the local estate- which was being broken up by the land owner in order to pay his gambling debts-[Ned was fascinated,he loves history stories ] I listened as I ambled round
The riders all have flower pot heads as riding hats ! S4C came here and filmed my garden-I could here him telling Ned-they were here for hours -just for a few minutes footage !
And that one over there [he shouted across at me ] is for the police [see below ] who said I was causing accidents -people slowing down to look at me garden-surely slowing down is a good thing given the sharp bends ? I replied
You would think so he chuckled-come back in the summer and see how my Welsh dragon is doing- he said -[ I promised I would ]- as we left he invited hubby back to see his tractor- oh thats it you won`t get rid of him now I laughed - we parted like old friends
I wish there were more dai`s in this world-the world would be a nicer place- I felt privileged to have met him, I know when I drive past that house now I will feel like I know a secret- I have met the man who lives there- I will never forget his kindness.


Tom Stephenson said...

What fantastic topiary! I love it. I think there is money to be made from traveling around the country and producing a photographic book of folk-art, DIY topiary - money for your brother's charity?

Diane said...

Thats a lovely story Jan - it just shows how much nicer the world would be if we all stopped to talk to each other. xxxx

John Gray said...

very appropriate that these photos are on the blog..especially as they we always pass them when driving up to see andrew!

Sharon said...

What a great tour! I love all of it! I'll bet, come summer, it is even more fantastic!

Terry said...

What a delightful man! The topiary is great fun.

Terry said...

Janet, I just read John's blog. I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and Andrew and John, and wishing you the best.

Janet said...

Thank you Terry ! x and for all the other messages of support we have received through Johns blog-Ann Tim and I visited Andrew in hospital last night,I was relieved to see him looking so well-we knew after his last bad attack just before Christmas that his consultant had talked to Andrew about having a tracheostomy and knew it would happen sooner rather than later-Andrew had wanted to make the decision when the time was right for him-I guess the decision was made for him in the end-at least now he is safe[even if he has another breathing spasm in his throat -his airway is not restricted ]It was good to see him and make him smile he in return had us all laughing with his antics-I`am so very proud of him ,