Monday, 31 January 2011

Asda Foyer Collection

Well Ann and I were up early last Sunday morning bleary eyed but bushy tailed ! We did our foyer collection at Asda supermarket in Kinmel Bay- On arrival we were supplied with a table and a couple chairs by some of the very helpful male staff who couldn`t do enough for us ! The only downside was that the foyer was freezing cold- I was so glad we had wrapped up warmly .
We had a steady stream of visitors all checking up on us throughout the day to make sure we were o.k.-John and Chris arrived with a packet of custards tarts for us to have on our coffee break ! Then Tim-whom I managed to miss as Ann and I had decided to take it in turns to explore and warm up at the same time by doing a tour of the store ! [I was gone some time- I ended up buying some P J`s -they have some really good stuff there and very reasonable priced too!! ] Hubby then arrived with a very welcome flask of coffee and the time pretty much flew by-we made £ 107.65 for the M.N.D.A.- O.K. not a huge amount but every little bit helps- and it all adds up ! We are also doing a bag pack at this store on the 27 th February- so it was handy being there so we could count how many tills were open and make a note of their busiest times -If anyone can spare an hour and would like to come along to help - you can contact me at


Sharon said...

Hi Janet!
Every little bit helps, too bad you had to freeze your buns off, though! BRRR!
I see you have a line up on your border, for money making fund raisers, good luck with the bag pack and the Prestatyn social night!

Take care now!


Terry said...

What a nice group of friends you have, Sharon. Good luck with the bagging.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Wish I could pop over and help but as I didn't win the lotto last night I'm afraid there isn't much chance of that:( It all adds up Jan and I think it's great seeing the money raised counter increasing. Getting closer to the 10,000 mark♥ Linda xx

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Hey, that's a good amount raised, considering the squeeze most of us have on our pocketbooks! Just read about the show. I can imagine it's extra special to get to be backstage. Glad Andrew and you all had a good time. xx-cassie

sophie...^5 said...

Yes good luck with the bagging AND tks for the birthday wishes...Cheers!

Ann said...

it was cold but I had a good time, I was amused watching folks reactions to setting the security alarms off ha,

love Ann xx

Diane said...

Ive done the bucket thing in Asda and its a thankless task (men were by far the most generous!) but it did make me a more generous donater afterwards!! Good Luck with the bag packing - me and the young man do this to raise funds for his cricket team - some people pay us NOT to pack their bags!! Some folk are so anal and OCD when it comes to packing their shopping - its unreal! xxxx