Friday, 4 February 2011

What a view !

Just look at this for a view ! It`s fabulous don`t you think ? So where in the world do you think our travelling bands are ? [ click on the pic to enlarge ] Well , to give you a few clues - you can stop at this lovely old restaurant for a bite to eat, it is called the St Bernards Hotel located on the edge of an ancient volcanic escarpment, it commands wonderful views of the Tamborine valley , this area boasts rain forest walks- nine national parks almost encircle the mountain escarpment . Walks starting from the hotel include five different water falls !
The hotel is an old establishment for this area and was moved to its present location in 1888 , it started a program of restoration and refurbishment in 2004 after being left for nearly thirty years in a state of decay-so far the owners have spent nearly £ 1 million pounds on it !
And here is the hotel mascot-his name is Leo ! So win yourself an MND wristband and guess the location !


Sharon said...

Beautiful place with a fantastic view! WOW! I looked it up, but not sure where it is, really - Mt. Tamborine, Queensland?
What a pretty dog! Is he minus a front leg?
How are you, anyway? How's Andrew doing?
I hope all is well or on the way!

Janet said...

Hi Sharon ! I think the dog has all his legs intact ? its just the way he`s sitting ! Andrew looked better tonight-still taking antibiotics for a throat infection , thank you for asking x
Queensland is correct -anyone have any ideas of the identity of the female blogger who sent the photo`s in ?

Cassie said...

What fab photos! Love that big old fuzzball St.Bernard too. Well, Hootie & Meg didn't win the look-a-like contest, but we gave it a try! Have a good weekend Janet. Hug a brother or 2 for me!!

Terry said...

Somewhere where it's not freezing cold and snowing like it is here! Queensland?

Ann said...

Jan, Is this Lynda, who sent you all the lovely raffle prizes, if it is have a lovely holiday Lynda,looks a fabulous location.

Ann xx

Janet said...

Hi Ann ! yes it is Linda ! well done but this lucky lady LIVES on the Gold coast !all this is practically on her doorstep !xx