Saturday, 19 February 2011

Viv `s New Zealand adventures are coming to an end

To those of you who follow this blog regularly -you will- like me, feel like you have come to know our friend Viv quite well ! Viv has been" on the run " in New Zealand for several months now , he kept us guessing his location for quite a while before finally being rumbled ! He has just sent me a fresh batch of photographs and writes that he has just returned from a couple of weeks spent around the top end of the north island in his camper van [ nick named the mouse ] and that his adventures will be coming to an end in a couple of weeks time. I feel genuinely sad, as I for one will miss his adventures , emails and his photographs ! Just so you know- lots of my friends and family and bloggers have all asked after you Viv - they worry- especially if you haven`t been in touch for a while ! The photo above is captioned `Been across the desert in a truck with no name ` !! Love it ! can any one tell me the original title of that song and who sings it [win yourself a free wristband ] its one of my all time favourites ! Great photograph Viv- very clever !
This photo has been captioned "Paddling in my own canoe and not falling in " sounds like you have been getting plenty of practice in Viv !
And finally "hiding out in a toilet tree " What more could you possibly want ? it has a privacy curtain ! Thank you for taking the time and trouble Viv to send in all these photographs-it has been very much appreciated- we have enjoyed tagging along and sharing your adventures ! Look forward to that promised last photo !
After checking the weather forecast it looks like tomorrow will be a nice day- We are off to support Gethyn at the celebrity charity football match in Bangor-thought I would take some bands along with me and donate them to Gethyn and his family to sell-it all goes to the same charity after all !


Sharon said...

Viv sure did have a marvelous time while he was out and about! Love the toilet tree!

Have a nice evening!

Terry said...

I will miss Viv's adventures too!
"America" sang "A Horse with No Name"

Tom Stephenson said...

Those Antipodeans certainly have a thing about rural crappers. There are whole websites devoted to them.

Terry said...

Janet, I guessed it just for the fun of it! I already have our wristbands, please it for the cause.

Ann said...

Jan, We will all mis Viv I hope he still sends us photo's when he is out and about back home, Thank you Viv you have been a great supporter of the blog and MND.

Much Love Ann x

Diane said...

Lucky Viv! I love the photos - specially the lavvy! xxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

hope he is safe and sound with news of the earthquake over there?

Gill in Canada

Janet said...

Hi Gill- I had the same thought -I emailed him today-but haven`t heard anything yet-hope he is ok. will let you know.