Monday, 21 February 2011

Charity Match

Sunday saw hubby and I hurtling along the A55 towards Bangor on our way to support Gethyn Owens M.N.D. Charity football match. We made a quick stop along the way at Asda`s supermarket to do a tally of how many tills were open in readiness for next Sundays operation bag pack take 2 ! [hasn`t that come round fast ?]
Y Felinheli Club is set in beautiful surroundings ,the pitch surrounded by open fields and edged with trees , the old wood and brick changing room / club house is full of old world charm, we arrived just before kick off-there was a good enthusiastic crowd mostly gathered round the club house and tea bar were we got ourselves a cup of hot tea to keep the afternoon chill off ! We didn`t have to wait long before the teams were out on the field warming up , it was at this point I managed to button hole the actor Llyr Evans [brother to actor Rhys Ifans ] for a photo call -which he was more than happy to oblige [see above photo ]
Hubby nipped over the railings to take a quick photo of the celebrity team just as the whistle blew for the game to start ! Both sides seemed evenly matched to start - Llyr getting a cheer from me or a well done every time he came into contact with the ball ! [ well he was so nice ! ] after a while the bankers started to take control of the game amid much good humoured banter between the opposing sides.
At half time- the score was 4-1 to the bankers ! [They had two very good girl players in their team which really helped them along ! ]
Unfortunately , we had to leave then as I wanted to call into Roger Jones` auctioneers-they were holding a viewing day- where there was some very nice antique hollow stemmed champagne glasses for sale with my name all over them ! We had a stroll first round the pitch with Jess to stretch our legs !
Five minutes down the road and this is the view of the snow capped mountains of Snowdonia mountain range . We made it just in time before the doors closed at Roger jones auction house ! and YES ! the glasses are all mine !


judy said...

Well done Janet love the photographs you are certainly doing your bit your raise awareness Well done xxx

Nekkid Chicken said...

I love the photos. Especially the one viewing through the rear view. Your weather looks a tad nippy though. YEAH GLASSES!

Take care,

John Gray said...

was there anything at the auction worth bidding on?
a charity auction in a pub could raise a bit janet?

Terry said...

I'm so glad you got the glasses! It sounds like a fun day all around. Llyr Evans sounds like a charmer.

Sharon said...

Love the pictures, that one from in the car is really nice! Glad you got the glasses! Nice time all around, huh? :-)

Cassie said...

Now I have to google this Llyr Evans to see what he's been in. Sounds like you had a busy day! I have found that I'm like a bidding junkie at an auction. It's the adrenaline rush of the competition I heart races and I love to outbid, so I have to be verrry careful to only bid on something I really want! hehe. Glad you won your flutes!!

Janet said...

Hi Cassie ! that has happened to me before now when I have been after something on ebay ! I like to inspect things properly now ! we live and learn ! x