Friday, 11 February 2011

Can you name that tune?

This is my best friend Debbie and her daughter Jessica photographed here wearing their supporters bands- they are at a terminal about to embark on a journey across the water[ here in the UK ] -ah! but where are they ? Click on the picture to enlarge .
Struggling ? This journey was made famous by a pop group in the 1960`s reaching no 8 in the U.K. charts and no 6 in the U.S. charts ! Its easy ! first correct guess wins a free M.N.D band so go on have a go or get google-ing ! I will have the tune going round in my head all day now- can you name that tune ! and tell me the name of the group ?


judy said...

The Mersey Janet hope you are ok lots of love xxx

Sharon said...

I have no idea.

Hi Janet!
I hope all is well or getting that way, over in your neck of the woods!

Janet said...

Hi Judy ! Mersey is correct -who sings the song and whats its title and what is the mode of transport ? I`am a hard task master I know !xxx

Hello Sharon ! everything fine here at the moment-have a good weekend- glad you enjoyed your night out !xxx

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Too easy Janet, Ferry across the Mersey by Gerry and the Pacemakers. We have seen Gerry and the Pacemakers twice before and are due to see them again next Month on 16th March:) I've never taken a Ferry across the Mersey, must put that on my to do list. Hope you are having a lovely weekend♥ Linda xxx

Janet said...

Well done Linda ! I will pop an extra band in the post for you-perhaps your hairdresser would like one ? have a great weekend and enjoy that concert on the 16th LOL X

Terry said...

I remember that song!
That's such a nice mother-daughter picture.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I will try not to have that song in my head when I am at church!!!

Gill in Canada

Jim said...

Hi Janet! Yes, it's Ferry 'Cross the Mersey'!! Loved that tune.....oh, the memories! All good of course. What a great time to 'grow up' in.
Hey, there's Sophie on your 'side bar' just opposite me making this comment....thought she looked kinda familiar. lol
Hope your Sunday is going well.

ann said...

Lovely girls, lovely photo I just adore the sights and sounds of Liverpool.
Talking of lovely sights any sign of Viv.
Love Ann

Janet said...

Yes ! just heard from him today Ann ! you will have to wait and see his photographs -will do a post later on in the week x