Monday, 28 February 2011

Asda`s bag pack

Sunday morning 10 o`clock saw me standing outside my house clutching a large collection of balloons , 12 buckets , 20 sashes , 15 t-shirts , clipboard , bands , sweets and god only knows what else [ kitchen sink I think! ] waiting for my sister Ann to collect me to go to Asda`s some 20 minutes drive away-we were meeting everyone at 10.30, 10 past 10 -no sign of her ! Ann is always late- at quarter past 10 I started to fret -and then her car hurtles around the corner and screeches to a halt- without a word every thing is flung at breakneck speed into the boot ! Why is it when you are in a hurry everyone seems to be driving deliberately slow ? and every traffic light seemed to be on red. We sat in silence -willing the car to go faster ! it`s stressful this fundraising lark isn`t it ? she finally said- I replied -it is when your running late !
I needed the loo -just as I was leaving the house-sorry ! and then we both fell about laughing !
-with me threatening to announce just why I was late to everybody on arrival or worse, post it on the blog. [sorry Ann ] As we pulled up outside Asda I could see everyone waiting in the foyer for us- I was delighted to be greeted by our young dragons who turned out to be mostly Prestatyn young firefighters whom came to support us on our last bag pack -there were a few new faces, two lovely girls from the 1st Meliden guides, cllr Gerry Frobisher who is the N.Wales co-ordinator for the young dragons programme and several adult supervisors.The young dragons were brilliant-everything went very smoothly from then on -Stuart Lewis was on hand to take some photographs [hope your cold is better today Stuart ] The Dragons stayed until 1 o`clock and then it was the family and friends turn.
Pictured above from left to right is Steve Flavel [ a volunteer who came to us through facebook-his mum suffers with MND] nephew Chris [travelled from Ormskirk] , brother in law Tim , Chris` partner Rebecca and sister Ann .Followed by......
Andrew`s friend Marcia, my friend Debbie ,her daughter Jess and Jess` friend Leah [they travelled from The Wirral to take part ] Tracie who is married to nephew Pete- and Pete ! During the day I kept texting Andrew and Jayne to let the know how we were getting on -
The balloons went down a storm-we couldn`t blow them up fast enough to meet supply and demand- we were joined here by aunty judy,hubby Ned and friends Debbie and Peter- Most of us had finished at this point only John remained still packing ! we were also joined by cousins Karen and Ian and Ian`s wife Tina [ told you it was a real family affair !]
Back home with tea and biscuits- six of us set about counting the money-it took over an hour ! At first we were all chatting and laughing and distracting each other ! one by one we fell silent as we kept losing count and having to start over-
We are delighted to announce we made a whopping £764.13 for the MNDA. Andrew was delighted. The money will go to help fund a research project into finding a cure for MND; We had a smashing day-all our first time bag packers agreed that the day just flew by and that they had really enjoyed themselves !

I just like to thank Asda for allowing us to hold a fundraising event in their store-for Amy for arranging it for us-for the generosity of the customers who donated and to all our very hard working bag packers ! you were brilliant !

Cllr Gerry Frobisher [N.Wales co-ordinator for the young dragons tel 01745 369973 ]

1st Meliden guides - Harriet and Alice Frobisher

The Prestatyn Young Firefighters
Anaya Liptrot
Sion Price
Tom Evans
Grace Larter
Jade Liptrot

supervisors -Martin Parry , Jamie Brown and Linda Parry.

Debbie, jess ,Leah , Peter and Debbie ,Lynda , Marcia, Steve ,Stuart

Ann , Tim , John , Pete ,Tracie , Chris ,Rebecca , Ned ,Judy , Karen , Ian , and Tina .
Couldn`t have done it without you all x


mollygolver said...

I have just come over from John's blog and just want to say well done to all of you!

John Gray said...
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John Gray said...

I want it noted , I would like a photograph of my OWN on the next bag pack seeing I was left out of these!!!!!

Janet said...

Well I did try -you were off like a rocket when you arrived -itching to get going ! and then you were the last one to finish ! I have one of you in action I will put on the flikka xx

Sharon said...

Great post, Janet! I was all excited for all of you and am thrilled it all went off without a hitch! The amount you made was awesome!

Diane said...

Thats an awsome amount - wll done !! xxxx

Ann said...
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Tim Williams said...

Never known a women to be on time!!!! EVER

Ann said...

You did n't mention the major road works at the top of town, causing me to take a great big massive detour around upper Prestatyn at breakneck speed, mainly on two squealing wheels. Which was actually good fun, as was the day. I love these events for Andrew's MND
much love Ann xx

Janet said...

For a family that does everything by the seat of their pants -to quote you Ann -we did alright !

Lesley said...

glad you did well and collected quite a tidy sum for your Chairty best wishes Lesley x

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

This is such an uplifting post Janet♥ What a marvellous day, you made it sound like so much fun was had instead of work:) How absolutely fantastic that so much money was donated by all the kind folk shopping at Asda, also big thanks to Asda for showing their compassionate side♥♥

Callie said...

Congratulations to all! That was a lot of work. Very good that you had fun and made some money too. Great photos!