Saturday, 26 February 2011

Update from Christchurch- Viv is safe

Last Tuesday after hearing on the radio the dreadful news of the earth quake in New Zealand my first thought was- those poor people - then realizing the worst hit were the people of Christchurch my thoughts turned to Viv- I hope to god he is alright , I immediately sent an email off to him , saying I was thinking of him and I hoped both him and his travelling companion were safe-Thursday [ and a big sigh of relief ] he emailed me back that they were both fine -on a borrowed computer so just sending quick emails out to everybody to reassure them he was okay. Today I had a more detailed email-[have edited it down slightly ]

Viv writes :-
Following the earth quake last Tuesday , Betty`s house , garden and foundations suffered another battering. There is still no water-best guess another week-or water or sewage-best guess is " a few weeks " official advice is not to flush toilets in affected areas-dig a hole in your garden instead !
The house will have to be demolished but is still habitable although will need securing and making weather proof before bad weather sets in-we are arranging a truck load of gravel to be dropped off to fill the gaps around the foundations [ one of these is a metre wide x metre and a half deep] We slept in the campervan for 3 nights not only because it felt safer but also because we had lights,stove and water.
We are at the moment living with kind and loving friends and sharing their undamaged home that has had services restored.The city remains completely sealed off.
Food has to be tracked down but there is no shortage , free water available from tankers, one man travelling from Darfield 30miles away filled a giant plastic tank from a well and towed it to a lay by in Christchurch on a trailer and together with his daughter spent the day filling containers.
Such generosity and support remains a feature of almost the entire population.
After shocks continue, they occur several times a day-although they are getting less frequent now. All the news has been via radio.
The quake lasted 20 seconds and I have to say it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life,[ [I was kneeling down at the time in the garage looking for something under the bench - Betty was upstairs on the balcony] we were incredibly lucky neither of us were hurt neither were our friends-though some of them have inevitably lost a friend or a colleague.
Twenty seconds that killed so many people and destroyed hundreds of properties including many iconic buildings,it changed the face of the city.

Just goes to show you how much the life you take for granted can all be changed in just twenty seconds- and there is nothing you can do-it is beyond your control- It has certainly made me stop and think how I would cope in similar circumstances. Thoughts and prayers to the people of Christchurch and to Viv and Betty- so glad you are both safe.


Sara Williams said...

Such a relief that your loved ones are safe. My thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by this disaster x

Glenys said...

Very touched to read this letter from New Zealand. It's so hard to imagine what it could be like. Are these people related to you Janet. So glad they are safe.
Love, Glenys xx

Diane said...

Gosh Janet - it makes you feel very small in a very large and unstable world. I'm glad they are safe and my heart goes out to anyone who lost a love one. xxx

Janet said...

Hi Glenys ! Viv is a friend of a friend ![Roly ] we have never met - but he was willing to go to a lot of time and trouble to help us with our awareness campaign when he heard about Andrew- it says a lot about him as a person-doesn`t it ? x

John Gray said...

a girl I know through nuala, lost her brother in the quake

Sharon said...

It was so nice of you to share the email and information with us, Janet. Thank you so much and send my thanks to Viv as well.

One never does know what the next moment has in store for us or our loved ones.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks for updating us. Hope Viv does well in the recovery. )))HUGS((( & many prayers


Terry said...

Thanks to Viv for giving us a better idea of what it's like to be on site. Prayers to all affected.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

So pleased to hear Viv is safe and well. We feel so sad for our neighbours, heartfelt prayers and thoughts go out to all affected. Many thanks for the update on Viv Janet♥ xx

Ann said...

Thank you Jan,
Our hearts and prayers go to all in New Zealand and to our friend Viv, I am so relieved he's ok.