Friday, 25 November 2011

Natalie Barclays Tandem Skydive

Back in July you might remember -I wrote a post about one very brave young lady -Natalie Barclay [ pictured above on the left -with her mum and nan ] who had just completed a 12,000 foot tandem sky dive jump at The Headcorn Paracute Club in Kent. Natalie raised a staggering £620 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and says she loved every moment of it -saying I can`t wait to do it all again !!
So , if anyone out there is thinking about doing some fundraising of their own and fancy giving skydiving a go -take a look at Natalie`s video below which I have just discovered on facebook.
Natalie smiled and waved all the way down [ I`d have just screamed and sobbed -I`m such a coward ] It certainly looked like she took it all in her stride and enjoyed every moment- thats for sure !! [ she was also strapped to a rather handsome instructor- hmm bet that helped too eh Nat ? ] It did look a fabulous experience though Natalie-one you will never forget ! Well done x
Hmm ? Do they do those jumpsuits in pink ?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Welsh Love Song - Lisa Lân - a capella harmony

This is a tragic Welsh love song from the beautiful Island of Angelsey , situated off the North West Coast of Wales [ it`s Welsh name being- Ynys
Mon. ] It`s just under an hours drive from where I live [ about 45 miles away ] Most of you might also recall it is where Prince William and his bride Kate [ or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they are now known as ] are stationed in RAF Valley there.
Singing in this Video are - Geraint , Merfyn and Dafydd who are a trio calling themselves "Canig " They also sing in a choir called Cantorion Colin Jones -the web site is well worth a visit !
During the Cantorion Colin Jones tour to France in July 2008, aware that John [ see second video below ] a member of the choir, and brother of another member, were slowly succumbing to MND , choristers were moved to discuss methods of raising money for the M.N.D.A.

One idea was to record a c/d of the Cantorion Colin Jones Soloists.
John Puw was one of these soloists. Please scroll down.

John Puw yn canu Arafa Don / John Puw, a Welsh Tenor

This is John Puw who was diagnosed with MND in 2007-he found music to be a wonderful healer,and gained enormous strength from singing in this great choir-it`s lovely to think his singing lives on. I hope you enjoy the video`s as much as I did !

Please remember to support our awareness campaign by purchasing a band-the donate button is situated on the right hand side of the page by our fundraising thermometer.
If you have a story to tell or are fundraising or would like a dedication doing please let me know -send in a picture wearing your band and I will be delighted to give you a mention !

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Bands

Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Bands £2.50 each- help " Support The Fight Against MND "

To donate and buy a band please scroll down to the " Donate" button on the right hand side of the page.Thank you.


Is the only organization in England ,Wales and Northern Ireland working for people with MND and their families.
Gives emotional,practical and financial support to people with MND and their families.
Provides specialised equipment to make life easier for people with MND.
Funds and promotes vital research to bring about an end of MND.
Relies almost entirely on voluntary donations.

£3,000 funds an MND expert researcher for one month and keeps the hope of a cure alive

£50.00 funds laboratory equipment for a day`s vital research into finding a cure for MND.
Every little bit helps.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hair raising charity event ! [ or should that be removal ?]


May be this is just my sense of humour but it did make me giggle -The lengths some people will go to ......especially to raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association-This guy Mark Cocker deserves a medal for gallantry-I can almost feel his pain - If I wasn`t laughing so much !!
Sorry Mark .
Please excuse the odd expletive-Well now ? Any family members willing to give it a go ?
Hubby has just said yes - ok !! [ he has around 3 hairs on his chest !! ] Tut and eye roll very brave of him .........Not....... Hmm ?
John ?

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Quiz

We had a lovely time at the quiz the other night- Brother in law Chris -makes a superb Quiz Master ! There was a lot of good humoured banter and leg pulling going on between all the locals and himself which made for a great atmosphere . Pictured below is "Our Team "- We called ourselves " The Chicken Pluckers ! " no prizes for guessing who came up with that idea ! The pub as you can see was all decked out for Halloween- with fake cobwebs and pumpkins on every table -the landlord Gordon had gone to a lot of trouble.
Our Team -Pictured from left to right....Ann ,Lesley,aunty judy, me,Ned, The quiz master himself- Chris, John and Bill.

Above Chris reading the questions out-John looks like he`s concentrating hard there !
The questions were divided into sections - 10 questions in each section-with music from the 60`s , 70`s, 80`s and 90`s and a Halloween themed section. We were absolutely rubbish at the 60`s questions and not much better at the 70`s ! but we did pick up from there on and came a very respectable second place !
Chris very kindly wrote the questions out for Andrew and put them in a sealed envelope- Tim took them through to his house for him and they sat and had a go at the quiz together !! I think they did better than us ! It was lovely to see everyone taking part all wearing their awareness bands even the barmaids ! There was a raffle-which one of the barmaids won- but she very kindly put it back in to be re-drawn- so John won it !!
At the end of the evening a free supper was served -a very yummy chilli con carne with garlic bread-boy was it hot but very delicious -John polished off Ann`s too [ she had already eaten ] I`ll say no more- hmm !

The quiz made £130 !! we did receive a couple of donations from people who were unable to attend but wanted to support us- including those who sent money in for the raffle- which bumped it up to £ 160.00 !
A really big thank you to Chris for organizing the quiz and to Gordon and fantastic staff of The Red Lion for going to so much trouble and to everyone for entering the quiz and buying raffle tickets and supporting this cause- we really appreciated your support x