Thursday, 10 November 2011

Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Bands

Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Bands £2.50 each- help " Support The Fight Against MND "

To donate and buy a band please scroll down to the " Donate" button on the right hand side of the page.Thank you.


Is the only organization in England ,Wales and Northern Ireland working for people with MND and their families.
Gives emotional,practical and financial support to people with MND and their families.
Provides specialised equipment to make life easier for people with MND.
Funds and promotes vital research to bring about an end of MND.
Relies almost entirely on voluntary donations.

£3,000 funds an MND expert researcher for one month and keeps the hope of a cure alive

£50.00 funds laboratory equipment for a day`s vital research into finding a cure for MND.
Every little bit helps.


Terry said...

Well said, Janet.

Jim said...

Such a good cause Janet. I know it is still relatively new, but has there been any discoveries as to a possible cure/prevention or linkage to a cause? It probably take s a lot of time and money to get that far.

Janet said...

Hi Jim !
Researchers in America have recently discovered a common cause of all forms of MND- problems with the recycling system in motor neurones appear to be integral to the degeneration found in MND- to put it simply they think it`s down to how a protein is re-cycled in the body -imagine putting your rubbish out to be recycled and the its failed to be collected-its ok to start with-you can walk round it but week after week the rubbish builds up until you can no longer move ! if you click on the red link at the top of the page -it will take you to the MNDA web page they explain it far better than me -its all early days yet Jim x