Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Easy when you know how !

John popped by this morning- in under two minutes he had sorted out my picture download problem ! I could spit ! After many frustrating hours of prodding poking and swearing at the computer [ at one point I felt like opening the window and throwing it out ] Thats all it took !! Hey ho !! Well as promised !! -these are the photos of the guitars Andrew is working on-all nearing completion -three are made from ash and one out of elder wood-they feel incredibly tactile, Andrew is a perfectionist,these photos don`t do them justice he has spent hours and hours working on them,they are all works of art ! Even unfinished they look beautiful.Hope you agree !

Monday, 27 September 2010

Rhyl Lifeboat Supporters

Thank you to Rhyl lifeboat crew for sending in your photographs of the Supporters bands.
A fine body of men and women, I am sure you will agree!!!! This photo was taken one evening last week before the boat went out on her half yearly inspection,the two lady crew members are Tina and Tara Elliot and the boys Callum Robinson and Reeve Turner, All these lovely photographs have got me thinking umm ! what about making a calendar for next year ? what does everyone think - ?                                                 
Had a lovely family meal at Andrew and Jaynes last Saturday-it was nice to catch up and relax,Jayne is such a fabulous cook it is such a treat to go to their home !-Andrew has been busy with his commission guitar builds- I took a few sneaky photographs of his guitars to show you all but am having a few difficulties with the computer so will add them later [ Johns been working nights-promised he will pop down tomorrow to try and sort the problem out ] Andrew playing at a bikers gig next Saturday night in Rhyl rugby club so be warned ! the whole family are donning sashes and  brandishing buckets and are out in force collecting donations !!        
A big thank you to our curate- the rev.Kate who is holding a harvest early birds breakfast at the parish church hall on the 10 October half the money raised being donated to MNDA, Kate you are brilliant ! and finally good luck to nephew Chris and his partner Rebecca who are running a 10 k marathon next Sunday, again half the money raised will be going to the motor  neurone disease association, will be cheering you on guys !xx

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Nova Scotia -Canada

A big thank you to Jim and Ron for sending in your photo`s all the way from Nova Scotia Canada ! Nice one guys -your beach looks lovely as for the cheeky chap on the right he`s adorable ! We too are lucky enough to live near the beach here -we are just a ten minute walk away, our dog Jess loves it !! We constantly lose her in the sand dunes [ chasing rabbits ] As any one who has ever owned a terrier knows obedience isn`t a top priority -she is a Patterdale x Jack Russell, my husband refers to her as the bum with attitude !! You are lucky your dog sits long enough to take a photo !!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Knocking spots off Portugal - And some brilliant news !!

Well done Sharon ! You top are traveling bands leader board by miles and miles !! A clear winner- Sharon lives in Tennessee USA. Can any one out there beat her ? You are really upping the bar now Sharon ! Let the games begin !!
We had some good news today regarding the wristbands -As you all probably remember Andrew funds buying the bands himself and passes all of the money raised in full to the motor neurone disease association , We have now found a manufacturer in this country and have negotiated a good price, even better than that- sister in law Jayne has got the motor neurone disease association to fund buying the bands all 1000 of them- boy am I going to be busy !!!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Where are they now ?

 We have some more traveling bands!, and they have arrived at a very well known celebrities vine yard. I can give you a small clue,  its some  where south of Spain .can anyone out there tell me where they are and who the famous celebrity is ? The first correct answer will win a free wristband !                                                                                                                                                                                               

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Party of 39 make it to the top of Snowdon !

Thank you Aled and Janet for sending in your photograph and nope ! no mistaking it ! You are wearing your bands !! Janet wrote in - that a party of 39 family and friends of Sian who`s 50 th birthday it was on Sunday set off to climb Snowdon [1,085m] -all made it to the top,as you can see there were no views except fleetingly when in the cafe! on the way down however the views were beautiful !!! glad you enjoyed the walk guys-you must be a super fit lot-thanks for sending in your photo and donation.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Not quite made it -but still first on the leader board !

Pete phoned this morning-he didn't make the summit by a mere 400 metres Things went a little awry from the beginning with the train failing to take them to the starting point ,meaning an extra 1000 metres climb before the start of the assault proper.They left camp at 11pm to try and make up for lost time.- Doing some serious climbing in the dark-they scrambled and climbed for the next 10 hours before all three suffering a little from the cold decided they had to return . Pete said they had tried to take it all on in too short a time scale and altitude sickness and the cold had them beat ! Now fully rested they are all talking of returning next year-well done for getting as far as you did ! - I am glad to hear you had a brilliant time and enjoyed doing it, still a great challenge .You are still top of our leader board........for now!!!
One of Andrews band members Gaz turned 40 at the weekend ,all members of the band showed up to play at his party celebrations-a good night out was had by all-Ann and I went round the room selling charity bands and made £100.47 for MNDA. a great result !! I would just like to say a big thank you to Gwyn and Mal for their exceedingly kind donation of a motor bike which we will be selling and passing the funds on to MNDA, What a wonderful kind gesture !.We will be hearing more from Gwyn and Mal as they travel in their camper van around the world-Maybe guess their destination/or where are they now competition ? Sharon and John your wristbands are in the post .thank you for your support x

Friday, 10 September 2010

Breaking news !

Nephew Pete is 10.000 feet at base camp at Mont blanc !! only another 6,000 feet  to go !! ( the things men do when they hit 40 } look like Neds  spot on the leader board will be short lived ah sorry Ned- way to go Pete !! look forward to seeing the photo,hope he remembered his band?

Going Global-traveling bands and update

The first contender for our traveling bands competition is Ned Parry-who managed to hitch a ride in a helicopter around N.Wales, can anyone beat this! let us have your photos from around the world .

More MND charity bands now available-flown in from Chicago yesterday - anyone wanting a band they cost  £2.50- email me your address and I will post one on to you !

Last weekend Andrew and his band The Resistance had a brilliant gig at a private party in a marquee in Trelawnyd, he managed two one hour sets on the drums with the help and support of the other band members.A bucket was placed out in front to support ALS/MND charity raised £150.00, Thank you party goers!! see photo Andrew , Gaz [base player] and chums,