Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Easy when you know how !

John popped by this morning- in under two minutes he had sorted out my picture download problem ! I could spit ! After many frustrating hours of prodding poking and swearing at the computer [ at one point I felt like opening the window and throwing it out ] Thats all it took !! Hey ho !! Well as promised !! -these are the photos of the guitars Andrew is working on-all nearing completion -three are made from ash and one out of elder wood-they feel incredibly tactile, Andrew is a perfectionist,these photos don`t do them justice he has spent hours and hours working on them,they are all works of art ! Even unfinished they look beautiful.Hope you agree !


Sharon said...

Awesome guitars! I wish I played, but should have learned years ago. Still - I really like that green one, it's too gorgeous!!!

I know what you mean about computer problems, well, the operator problems with the computer, anyway. I can fiddle and f*rt with it for hours, even days and want to throw it out the window, then my son will come and whoosh, bang, boom - it is doing what I had wanted! Argh!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, nice to see you!

Jabacue said...

That John! What can't that boy do!?

John said...

Advantage declared - Yes! it is easy when you know how , but, how do you learn the "How" without mistakes and corrective guidance.

Keep up the good work!