Sunday, 3 October 2010

Dance club supports Andrew !

After realizing I can down load gadgets onto the blog it got me wondering.......ummh -what about finding a dance group to support our cause and make a little video out of it ? I have wanted to make this blog fun and interesting and up beat so after some phoning round and leaving countless messages [no one seemed to be in or answering their phone !!] Success ! Shelley from inferno dance club in Rhyl rang me back -"I`d be delighted to help you -pop down and watch some of our rehearsals !!! " After putting the phone down I did a little dance of my own shouting the words yes yes YES !!! A few days later and with a borrowed camcorder and sister Ann and hubby Ned for support we did some filming-I must admit after only a few seconds of filming we were all grinning like cheshire cats -the girls enthusiasm and energy was infectious .I can`t wait to see the rest of their routine- oh to be 20 years younger......well ok maybe more like 30 !!! The girls will be performing at Rhyl pavillion on the 27 th of November, we will be selling the raffle tickets there and are asking for help -if you would like to donate any prizes for our raffle please contact me at -The video I will post on the blog later this week-hope you enjoy it-now where did I put those leg warmers ?

tickets online box office 01745330000


John Gray said...

we will donate a raffle prize

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

This is really exciting!! I'm glad that you're finding so many people who are willing to help you for such a great cause!

What kind of raffle prizes are you looking for? Anything specific??

Janet said...

Hi Kim ! I guess the usual things you see- I will go round the beauty shops for nail vouchers,etc hampers, bottles of wine,see what local business` will donate, any thing I can get my hands on !!Will let everyone know how I get on !

Sharon said...

Looks like it's going to be fun! Great that you found the girls to dance for you! That's cool!

Ann said...

You can count on us for a luxury hamper

Tim and Ann xx

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hello! I'm Isobelle! I'm a little goat that lives in the USA. I'm a good dancer. I'm trying to learn how to fly and to lay an egg! I'm going to ask my lady to get some bracelets for me to wear. I have four legs and two horns so I could wear a lot of them in support of Andrew! Many goat kisses to you and Andrew!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What great fun !
I'd love to be able to visit at the Rhyl pavillion in person, but it may have to be a 'virtual' visit instead.
I could send you a little something from Tennessee if it would add to the cause ?
{hugs} to you and Andrew.

Gill - That British Woman said...

popped by to say hello via your brother John's blog.......

Great blog.....good luck with the fundraiser.....


John Gray said...

left on my blog!!!
Hey John! I just tried leaving a comment on Janet's blog and it wouldn't "take". I'm not sure what's going on as I was able to leave one before. Anyway, here's the comment...maybe you could cut and paste it over to her site? Sorry for the trouble. :-(

"What a great idea Janet! Y'know, you're kind of a natural at this whole thing--really great organization, creativity, and networking skills. Very impressive. I'm fresh back from a trip but will be ordering bracelets as soon as I can figure out the whole Paypal thing!

I'm looking forward to the video!


Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Hi Janet:) What a lovely blog♥ I would love to donate a raffle prize with an Aussie theme of course:) Will send you an e-mail so I can find out where to send it. Looking forward to seeing the video. Linda - Gold Coast Australia xxx

ted and bunny said...

hiya- well you've certainly succeeded in making this an interesting and fun blog; it's amazing!

Wishing you lots and lots of luck with the fundraiser, its such a mammoth task educating people about the lesser publicised conditions.

Will follow with interest, and hopefully do a post with a link back to your blog if thats ok?
Perhaps you would tell me what photos and text you would like me to use?

Kindest wishes xx

judy said...

Well done Janet things really moving now well done xxx

Chicken Boys said...

That's a really cool idea! Shake your bon bon! I wouldn't accept any raffle prizes from John and Chris, though. You might wind up giving away a chicken or turkey or pig or something! I do wish you the absolute best of luck, and hope you raise tons of funds!!