Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sainsburys bag packers !

Family and friends all turned out last Sunday to help out with our latest MND fund raising efforts- bag packing at Sainsburys ! It has never occured to me before that fund raising could actually be jolly good fun ! The day just flew by !
We were given an extra helping hand in the form of Prestatyn young firefighters and the army
cadet force -I must admit they were absolutely brilliant ! I can`t thank them enough for all their hard work- they just buckled down and got on with it ! I think half of them having done something similar before with the scouts and brownies ! [ they put my efforts of packing a bag to shame ! ] Andrew enjoyed the day- he brought his camera along and started taking candid photographs of everyone, it was lovely to see just how well supported he was ! I was astounded by the generosity and kindness of the general public and have lots of special memories of the day ! One elderly gentleman put some money in my bucket and I asked him- would you like a sticker ? No thank you I want a balloon ! and with a wink he shot off down the aisles with a balloon bobbing about attached to the basket of his mobility scooter ,another customer, a lady this time confided in me that the last sticker placed on the lapel of her coat disappeared within minutes-confused as to wear it had gone-some ten hours later it turned up -stuck to her chest [discovered after stripping off to take a shower ]
After taking the money home to count-we tipped the buckets out onto the lounge floor and over cups of tea and chocolate biscuits and much laughter, and story swapping we counted it out !
When finally we all agreed on the total after checking and double checking -we dug out the old brass hunting horn, phoned Andrew and Jayne and with a blast of the horn and drum rolling [ mad as hatters the lot of us ] we gave them the grand total !
They were delighted and a little overwhelmed .thank you again to everybody who helped make this day a success !
Pictured above are the army cadets and Prestatyn young firefighters with Andrew Ann and myself.
Jayne and Pat -for waiting for us in the foyer ,with buckets,balloons ,leaflets, sashes at the ready
Family members-Ann, Tim, Ned,John, Chris, Aunty Judy ,son Stuart and daughter Sam. cousins Ian, Karen with daughter Abbi,
Magrit,Pauline,Bill,Lesley,Lynda,Bob,Maxine,and Tracie you were brill !
Andrews friends -Phil and Charlie, Phil Dobbs and family ,Marcia Rodgers, and Steve Flavell who came to us through facebook [ you are a star ]
Stuart Lewis our official photographer
Jamie Brown who was in charge of the young firefighters - Michael Richards
-Christopher Williams
-Grace Larter
-Anaya Liptrot
-Jordan Williams
Army cadets -Erin Stanley
-Rachel Stead and Tamara Davies

We now have another calender girl - thank you Sam x
Judy-sorry the tea I bought you burnt your lips-some people pay good money to get a botox pout ! make the most of it -get the lippy on ! xxx


Sharon said...

It really sounds like you had a grand time, I would have like to have been there when you called Andrew!

That's is a swell looking lot, in the picture!

Ann said...

I really enjoyed the experience, I was a little crest fallen when my till operative was told by her supervisor to take her 20 minute lunch break and after checking no one needed a break I took myself off into the store to buy provisions for our evening meal. My trolley half full the same supervisor requested 'all till trained operatives to report immediately to the check out'. To the astonishment of my fellow shoppers I abandon my trolley and legged it,skidding round the aisles, hair flowing behind me to the check out collecting a MND bucket on my way. I can't remember the last time I ran. The operative and I arrived at the tills at the same time. I was the breathless one with the red face. Absolutly a great day Jan, well organised. lovely atmosphere and very successful congratulations your a star. love Ann x

rebecca said...

Wow, cant believe how much you all raised! Well done Janet, keep up the good work... We love reading the blog and all the updates.... AND the comments.... We were having a good chuckle at Ann's supermarket dash!! Rebecca and Chris xx

Janet said...

thanks Rebecca and Chris ! the whole day was a bit like that ! I can`t tell you how much fun it all was ! x

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

Now I am jelous! got rebecca to comment on your blog and not mine!!!!
and where is the photo of me in my sausage skin tight Motor neurone t shirt?????
yes well done.....

the whole thing was very well organised and a great deal of fun

Janet said...

That picture is on the slide show and face book ! he he ! x

judy said...

yes it was a great day lots of laughter some at my expence bet botox doesnt work as well as hot tea or last as long ha ha thanks Janet you were brilliant xxx

stuart said...

What a wondeful turn out on Sunday by Family and friends and the amount raised, It was a privilage to take the photo's on this great bag packing event.i want more photo's so i can make a DVD of all the events for Andrew

Janet said...

What a great idea Stuart ! looks like we are going to be keeping you very busy in order to grant your wish !

Lynda said...

Well done Janet for organising everything so well. Even better praise for the amount raised on the day. Bob, Maxine and I enjojed helping out. It was lovely to see so many young people giving their time too and joining forces with us OAPs (other agile people!!).Will be glad to help with other events as they come along-but please don't ask me to parachute jump as I'd rather take my clothes off than do that! Keep up the good work.Lynda

Janet said...

hi Lynda ! does that mean you will do the calender then ? talked yourself into that one !!!
lol jan xx and thank you !

Lynda said...

Hi Janet I "MAY" do it!!!!

Janet said...

AT least it will be warmer then !! miss may ?