Friday, 29 October 2010

Catching up

Well this week has all been about catching up ! Writing letters and sending emails thanking every one who helped us out last weekend with the bag pack , I also decided it might be a good opportunity to send the local press, photographs and a small write up of last weeks events and what we are proposing to do next ![ selling raffle tickets at the dance show ] Thursday being my day off I called round to my sisters house and between us we drafted out a press release,Ann`s typing is so much faster than my one fingered efforts it was done in minutes ! with a quick flourish she forwarded it all on to my computer -all I had to do was download a suitable photograph and bobs your uncle ! job done !
On opening my email I discovered she had sent it in file file form ! um! how to deal with this I wondered [never had one of these before ] ok down load it ! done ! open it ! noooooooooo way !
getting crosser and crosser I phoned Ann [no answer -] left a message ! will send it back with photo attachment and addresses for newspapers-can you send it out your end please ?
She emailed me back a few hours later-she`d written- job done ! though I forgot to remove the original message you left me -quote " I can`t open the BLOODY THING " soo sorry to the nice lady Rhian from the journal newspaper -that comment was`t meant for you ! She must have thought what the hell.......?


Sharon said...

Email and computers - more fun, huh? I have problems like that too!

Haven't heard the expression, bobs your uncle, in a coon age! Makes an old gal smile!

You are a good writer, sounds like you type like I do, hunt and peck! LOL!

Ann said...

Do you think it might be a good idea for us to do a computer course this winter. love Ann xx

Janet said...

Why take all the fun out of it ! At least its given us a good laugh ! x

Anonymous said...

I had a friend once send me a forward from which he'd forgotten to delete the personal message from the woman who'd sent it to him: "Thought you'd get a kick out of this joke. And BTW, thanks for last were incredible." Turns out he sent it on to a couple dozen people and the woman was not pleased. It made me a lot more careful with any communiques I send out. :-)
Terrific job again on the packing fundraiser!

Cassie said...

Funny~!! I'm emailing you a few pics Patrick & I took today.