Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Well done Chris and Rebecca !!

A great big hug and thank you to nephew Chris and his partner Rebecca for sending in the money they raised on their 10 k charity run, a whopping £200.00 pounds now on its way to MNDA !! Thats fantastic guys ! we are really proud of you !
also a big thank you to our curate the rev Kate, who hosted an early birds harvest breakfast ! the money raised was split between charities MNDA receiving £20, Thanks Kate! Ann and I enjoyed ourselves very much- a real treat not having to make breakfast and wash up afterwards !You all made us feel very welcome, we will be back !
Our next fund raising event will be at Sainsburys, we are organizing a charity bag packing event, any family members wanting to help out please contact me !


Sharon said...

Hi Janet!
You are such an instrument to God to help get the word out and get all these people to have fund raisers! I'll bet that you didn't know how much influence you have made on people.
Great news from Chris, Rebecca and Kate!
Have a nice evening!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

I have managed to change my sunday shift so will be ready for packing after a short sleep ( still working nights on saturday night!)
do you need me to bring some buckets?

Janet said...

Thats ok John ! Thanks for that-I know its tough working shifts,weekends being the only time Chris can look after the animals-appreciate it if you can manage a few hours ! Jayne has sorted out buckets,sashes,banners and t-shirts ! We just need the man power ! xx

Ann said...

Congratulations to Chris and Rebecca, sorry we did n't make it I did miss cheering you on. Very proud of you both.

However ditto to Jan's comments I did enjoy the breakfast Kate, what a fabulous group of people.

Now looking forward to our next fund raising event you can count on me Jan .

Ann xx