Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Bit Of Background

Andrew is the eldest brother of four, he has two sisters, myself and Ann and one brother John (my twin). He is married to Jayne and has one son called Jonathon and they live in a beautiful part of wales,their home is surrounded by fields,which is just as well as he has his own man shed.,where he goes and thrashes hell out of a set of drums!

He now works as a "guitar technician". I don't think he is your typical 57 year old ( he has just had his first tattoo! see pic) He is a drummer in the rock band RESISTANCE, the band was re formed back in 2008. They get their main inspiration from the likes of Thin Lizzy, David Bowie and ACDC amongst others.
Not so long ago ,his band played at my sisters 40 th wedding anniversary,what a brilliant night we all had!
He has repaired guitars for over 30 years, from a simple re string and set up to modification repairs, upgrades fret dressing and much more. His last well known customers have been from the group The Alarm.
He has gone on to tour with Mike Peters ( The Alarm) as his guitar tech.

Above is one of the Alarm's guitars that Andrew lovingly built and designed

ALS Bands Go Global

Thanks to the power of the blog, I have had bands requested from America and Australia. 
Brilliant Stuff! They will be on their way very soon.
We have run out of the bands this week due to high demand here, frustratingly enough these bands are not available to buy in this country as yet, and my sister in law has to send away for them from the U.S.
We are looking at all avenues both abroad and at home to secure more bracelets!                       Working in a shop I often wave at passers by ,my aunty Judy being a regular! now when she passes she stops and waves a clenched fist at me to show me shes still wearing her band and I do the same back ,now im finding more and more people doing the same to me , it makes me smile! we are all united !!  feels like its a good start !!  xx 

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The first supporters roll in

Andrew Blog 1

This is my first blog entry. This blog site has developed as a result of the lack of  general support and public awareness of the neurological condition called PROGRESSIVE BULBAR PALSY, which is itself a condition akin to the more widely know Lou Gehrig's disease and the condition ALS or
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis My brother Andrew has been diagnosed with the condition just over a year now, and is facing the awful challenges of the disease with some fortitude and bravery.
With this blog, I want to show him and the public in general just how much support is out there, (with a little prompt from yours truly), and over the next few weeks and months I will illustrate just what can be done in a practical way to help
So, how can I do this?
Well this blog will document in photo form, the family, friends and kind strangers  that have dug deep and bought the charity wrist bands that support the AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS ASSOCIATION
Above is a photo of Andrew with me and our elder sister Ann.