Monday, 18 October 2010

sporting bands !

Thank you to Dave Jones for sending in this photograph of his son Robert proudly wearing his supporters band on a day out at Oulton park last Sunday. Glad the band matched the car ! [ thats such a girly comment I know] hope you had a fantastic day out Robert ! If there is anyone else out there with an exciting or unusual hobby why not get a band and send in your photo
and we will add you to our supporters page !
Operation bag pack is still in the planning-Ann and myself had Sainsburys under surveillance on Sunday-checking out how many tills were open
and when seemed to be their busiest times-we have enlisted help from Prestatyn young firefighters- like Ann said -you get more money for a kid [shame on her but it did make me laugh] as well as the army cadets and the ATC ! so fingers crossed I hope we do well.
We now have three more volunteers for our calender June, July and August ! thank you ladies what good sports you all are- I know we are going to have a lot of fun with it !
Finally ,we have added a fund raising thermometer to the blog to keep every one informed of how much money we have raised- Jayne has informed MNDA that the money we are raising is not for admin but research purposes and projects only !


Tim Williams said...

Three lucky girls who have the summer months

Janet said...

that looks like good fun. how fast did that band go i wonder?. just hope you did`nt scratch any paint off that nice body work though!!

ann said...

Any chance of having a fund raising day at Oulton Park,the MND team verses the rest of the world, we've got the bands Ann x

Janet said...

why not?