Monday, 7 February 2011

Love Hope Strength

I just love this photograph ! It was taken last year during the making of the film Vinyl, Andrew was teching for Mike at the time and asked the Alarm`s photographer Andy Labrow to take this picture round the back of Dyserth church during a break in filming- from left to right is Eastenders actor Phil Daniels ,Mike Peters , Andrew and actors Perry Benson, Keith Allen [ singer Lily Allens father ] and Chris Turner. The movie is based on The Alarm frontman Mike Peters who had a song rejected and used a young band to mime to his record which became a hit getting into the top 30- his point was to highlight ageism in the music industry, the film was directed and co-written by Mikes childhood friend Sara Sugarman
Last year Andrew went on The Alarms "Release the pressure tour " as Mikes guitar tech, he met lots of wonderful people from all over the country-Mike`s fans are a very loyal bunch ! As I have mentioned before Andrew was determined to go and support Mike and the band at this years gathering as it was the start of the special " Sound of Fury " 30th anniversary tour ! I was contacted through facebook by James o`neill who purchased some bands from me- James is pictured here in the tartan shirt with from left to right -brother Eddie, son Steven and friend Jock .
James wrote that he hoped to see Andrew at the gathering that he had met him several times when he had been up his way[ in Scotland ] with the Alarm and could I think of something they could bring down as a wee present for him to let them know they were all thinking of him ! How kind was that ? I`am so sorry James that we missed you- just by a few minutes as it turned out but thank you so much for this wonderful photograph- and thank you for your support !It is lovely to see you all wearing the bands !
Mike Peters raises a lot of money for charity- he is a co-founder of the Love Hope Strength foundation[ which was registered as a charity in 2007 ] and is himself a two times cancer survivor , his charity promotes innovative music related outreach and awareness programmes for leukaemia and cancer sufferers and their families. The foundation provides grants through fundraising activities for cancer centres and hospices and hospital equipment and research.
I know Andrew is very proud to have played a small part in this charity and to have supported Mike over the last few years- and he will continue to do so - I have mentioned it before ! but this is the tattoo he had done while on holiday in Florida last year.


John Gray said...

have you told andrew about this photo? bet he will love a copy!
nice post!

Janet said...

YES ! I thought that to- so I emailed it him as soon as I received it -so he was the first to see it ! xx

Sharon said...

It's really nice that Andrew has such nice friends! I bet he loved the picture!

Terry said...

Good people, there!

James69 said...

That's a fantastic post Janet, very touching.
He's a special Lad Andrew is and has always had time even in his hetic schedule at gigs to have a little chat.

Gill - That British Woman said...

great to have so many people involved.


Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

How wonderful to have friends like this♥ xxx