Thursday, 20 January 2011


Above is a picture of Phil [Strat ]- lead guitarist from the band "Steamy Windows " in action playing a guitar Andrew custom built especially for him ! Andrew has been Phils guitar tech for a while now- not long before he was first diagnosed with M.N.D. Andrew held a large BQ at his home in Denbigh- his own group The Resistance played [ with Andrew on the drums ] and so did Steamy Windows- with both bands jamming the night away until the early hours- we had a fabulous time ! Marques had been set up on the lawn and a large wire log basket was lit, helping keep the mosquitoes at bay ! It was a lovely summers evening- with lots of wine beer and food- some people set up tents and stayed the night !
Phil and Charlie [another band member ] came along to support our Sainsburys bag pack last year-helping us raise over £1 000.00 for the M.N.D.A , This is the guitar Andrew built for Phil [pictured below ] last year- though he didn`t do the artwork on it-A graphic designer did that ! It`s a beauty isn`t it ?

Phil and Charlie and the rest of the band members have said all along that they would like to do something to support Andrew and to help raise awareness and funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, Ann Jones chairperson of the Prestatyn Cons Club has known Andrew for many years -in fact her husband use to play snooker with Andrew ! she approached me last year offering to put on a social night- we have set the date for March the 19 th- Ann asked me if I knew of a band that would come and play so I suggested Steamy Windows ! They were delighted and said yes straight away ! I`am organizing the raffle and I have made a start today ! If any one has any unwanted Christmas gifts or would like to donate a prize for our raffle please contact me at
Thank you to everyone for all your kind words and messages of support this week- we have really appreciated it .[see comment on last post Dai bends ]


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Janet!
What an artist Andrew is...that guitar is amazing. I realize that he didn't do the art work...I'm referring to the guitar it's self. OH to be so talented. Sounds like a fun time...wish we lived a bit closer but maybe one day we'll make it across the pond and catch a concert for this cause. I hope your day has been a good one. Thanks for giving John the hug for me ;) My husband sure get's a chuckle out of John's posts just like me. You've got a lovely family. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the 'social' in March. I hope Andrew had a good day today. Take care.
Maura :)

Janet said...

Hello Maura ! Andrew was sitting in a chair watching telly when Ann and I visited this afternoon- he had managed a better nights sleep so he wasn`t so tired .xxx

Diane said...

Really glad to hear that Andrew is picking up. You'll probably all get a better nights sleep! I'll send you a raffle prize. xxxx

Janet said...

Thanks Diane- sending you a bid thank you hug !x

Sharon said...

Hi Janet, it's just me. I'm still here, sending prayers over there. Wish I could fly and come and be with y'all for the big shindig, I imagine it will be a blast! Give my best to Andrew!

Terry said...

That's a beautiful guitar.
I'm so glad that Andrew is starting to feel better, and I hope he gets to go home soon. xxx

Ann said...

The Rock Chic's are back, got the glitter top and high heels at the ready. Bring it on a rock night for Andrew, its just the ticket. (I sometimes wonder am I really 62years of age)
Ann xx

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Janet, I've been sick the last 4 days and just caught up at John's and found out that Andrew is in the hospital. I'm so sorry. Please send him Patrick's & my best regards from Phoenix. We'll keep him in prayer.

Now, about that guitar. Wow! I wish I could say I've created something like that! Let me look around and see what little gem I might have for your auction. Will let you know. xx-cassie

Jim said...

Hi Janet, we hope that things begin to improve for Andrew. Your family is in our thoughts.