Thursday, 8 March 2012

Calling All Londoners !

You might remember a post a did a while back about Eric [pictured here above- last Boxing Day with family and friends- Colin and Cristina ] Cristina had written to me telling me about Eric`s home which had received a make over by the DIY SOS Team [ the programme is due to be screened soon- so please keep an eye out for it !] Well, Cristina has truly got the bit between her teeth and along with her friend Gemma has organized a comedy night to raise funds for Eric and his wife and the MNDA. It will be held this coming Saturday 10th of March at the Fox Pub in Palmers Green.North London.N13. Home to the Electric Mouse Comedy Club.
Cristina writes .......The DIY SOS team will be coming along and the programme`s presenter Nick Knowles has confirmed he will be there-There will be an auction and we are hoping he will agree to do it [ bet he will be brilliant at that ] So if you live anywhere near there please pop along and support this event !!
Just a reminder too -Cristina`s hubby Colin is in training to run The Virgin London Marathon on the 22nd of April [ not long to go now Colin ] to raise much needed funds for the MNDA.

Cristina also writes....

Our local Waitrose have been very supportive and they have a green token scheme set up for " Supporting Eric " - They will donate a percentage of funds they have set aside for charities to the MNDA. Below is a photograph of Eric who popped along to say thank you in person.


Terry said...

I wish I could pop on over and join in!

Nikki Woodman said...

Best wishes to you all. (I have MND too). Live in West Yorks so can't come but have a great time. I'll be thinking of you. Nikki

Denise said...

Good for them and for you. Will be thinking of you too and hope it is a great success.