Thursday, 27 October 2011

Quiz night at The Red Lion Llanasa for MND 31st October

My brother in law Chris MacDonald- Parry has very kindly organized a music quiz night for this coming Monday the 31st of October at his local pub The Red Lion in Llanasa -the proceeds of which will be going to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.
Please come and support us if you can -it should be a lot of fun ! There will be a raffle with the chance to win a free meal for two , the quiz starts at 8.30 pm. I`am making sure " Team M.N.D " are all of various ages so hopefully we will have a wide spread of musical knowledge. Chris organizes a quiz once a month with the proceeds raised donated to various charities.
And for anyone who is interested in a bit of history.........

The pub dates back to the 1700`s- previously it was a farm called Ty Newydd [ which translated means - New House ] it is situated in the centre of a typical picturesque country village- opposite the pub is a beautiful large Georgian style manor house in which my hubby and his family grew up in-Ned`s grand father bought the house for four hundred gold sovereigns ! Where he got the money from nobody knows and it still remains a family mystery today-Many of the pieces of furniture in the house had come down from Captain Edward Morgan who was a welsh man and an officer in the Royalist Army during the civil war in the 1650`s, he played a significant part together with 3 thousand Welshmen in the defense of Chester against the Parlimentarian forces- he was also a relation to the famous Captain Henry Morgan - buccaneer who operated in the seas around Jamaica . Hmm... ..A Pirate on one side of the family and on the the other side of my husbands family- Well, he has managed to trace them back to the 1700`s to Glencoe in Scotland , he reckons all his anchestors there were probably cattle rustlers !!


Terry said...

So nice of your brother in law. It sounds like fun, and I hope a lot of money is raised for the cause. What a historic building!

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Wish I could be there. I love quizes of this sort, but am not really that good at the answers. The pub is so quaint looking. (I've heard of Capt.Morgan rum...I wonder if that's his relative you mentioned!)
I'm gearing up for my birthday,Nov.2...hubby won't be in town 'til Nov11,so planning a shindig with my dogs. hehe. Have a good weekend. x-cassie

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

You are just a little less than $400 away from your goal. That is really marvelous. Please send Andrew our love and best wishes from North Idaho.
Cassie & the pooches

Janet said...

Thanks Terry ! x
Yes Cassie it`s the same Captain Morgan ! And thank you -Andrew reads the blog so he will read your message

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

That is wonderful of your brother in law to have fund raisers at his pub Janet! If I lived around there I'd come for sure..sounds like a fun evening and for a good cause. LOVED the history...can you take some pictures of the inside of the pub one day? I don't drink (ok a glass of wine or cider once in a while ;) )but I LOVED going into the pubs when I visited my sister and family in England. They're so dark and cozy. One of the best I was in was in Tintagel Cornwall. Above the fireplace was this saying...

"All they zits in front this vire
Pray move yourzelf tis my desire
That tother voke aswellazyou
May Zee the vire and veel it too."

Enjoy your evening!
Maura :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

that's one thing I do miss about living in Britain is the pubs, they are not the same over here in Canada.


ted and bunny said...

the pub quiz sounds fun and I hope you have a really good evening!

Anonymous said...

I read about this on your brother John's blog...wishing you every success for a good cause

Janet said...

Thank you Theanne and Baron !
Maura I will do my best to take some photo`s !!