Sunday, 2 October 2011

Some new photographs and some of my old favourites !!

This is one of Andrew taken two years ago while working back stage at the Manchester Academy- tuning up Mike Peter`s guitar ! Thought I would share with you some of my favourite photographs.......

Remember Viv who travelled across New Zealand in a campervan nicknamed " The Mouse "
I thought this photograph he sent us was very clever and original.

We popped up to see Andrew last Friday night , Strictly Come Dancing has started back on the telly -I just love it ! Whenever we visit Andrew, he has full control over the T.V. remote - and is one of these people who continually channel hops -so much so I have often threatened [ good humouredly] to grapple the controls off him [ just as something looks interesting- he has a habit of flicking over !!] but he very kindly switched to that channel to let me and my sister watch the programme -[she`s an addict too ] not sure if any of you have ever watched the sitcom " The Royles Family " but this programme is very much like our family !! We all sit round -Andrew is tucked up in bed-the T.V. is on and we have all have made ourselves comfortable [ complete with "Puddles " the cat- who always insists on sitting on sister Ann`s knee ] chatting and in this case shouting at the telly -there is quite a bit of good humoured banter and teasing going on-and laughter too !!

This photograph was taken by Denise [pictured above- back row on the right ] who was born in England but has lived in America for over 35 years , she writes a wonderful blog called an " An English girl rambles " her main hobbies being photography-she does take some wonderful wildlife photographs, these ladies are all ex pats and every month or so meet up for lunch and a chat . Thanks for your support ladies-very much appreciated x
Thank you to Gavin for sending in this photograph of himself - he writes ...I`m no oil painting but I have been told that when I smile I look like Stan Laurel which I take as a wonderful personnel compliment as Stan and Laurel Hardy are my comedy idols [ my husband has the box set -you two would get on famously ] Gavin lost his father to MND a while back.
This picture was sent in by Sam-I think it`s lovely ,the tattoo represents members of her family.
Remember Shona ? Shona Thornhill is running 2011 km in 2011 that is 1250 miles !! to raise funds for the MNDA [ her auntie is living with MND ] she has reached 81% of her target-you can follow Shona and donate by going to her blog called 2011 in 2011 !! or
Remember this very brave young lady..Natalie Barclay she did a sky dive to raise awareness and funds for the MNDA after losing her beloved "pop " to MND. What a fabulous experience eh Natalie ? one you will never forget-the photograph is fantastic !

This is Chris Boon and pet Alfie -Chris is living with MND ,he writes a heartwarming blog.. Chris versus MND he`s a lovely chap
please pop across if you get a moment and leave him a comment / or to donate.

This one above is of Andrew and Mike Peters taken at the summit of Snowdonia - when Andrew joined Mike on his charity walk down Snowdon last year and below is the dance group Inferno who stopped rehearsals and posed for us wearing their MND awareness bands.

Look at the views - I find this a very poignant photograph- thank you Dave -one of my all time favourites !!
This is my friend Debbie who decided not to miss a great opportunity for a photograph after deciding to redecorate her lounge and below some of the wonderful people Andrew has met on his travels while teching for Mike Peters and the Alarm.

This is Andrew holding hands with Jayne while on holiday -know those freckles anywhere !

And finally-Andrew and son Jonathan on holiday last year in Lanzarote .
These are just a few of my favourites. I hope you have enjoyed them . Have you got a favourite photograph ?
Andrew is in St Kentigerns this week for some respite care so I will have to stock up on the peanuts for his nocturnal visitors ! It is also Jayne`s birthday -so no doubt we will have some kind of get together !! Still waiting for news from my nephew Chris and his partner Rebecca -they are expecting their first baby any time now ! Hope you are all having a great Sunday !!


judy said...

Hi Janet what lovely photographs a another great idea xxx

Jim said...

Thanks for sharing these Janet! It is quite a 'journey' your family is on and one to be cherished. The support network in mind-bogglingly wonderful!

sophie...^5 said...

Strictly Dancing doesn't play over here, however we do have a rip off called Dancing with the Stars including Len and Bruno...what fun and laughs those 2 are. Agree with Jim that your dedication to bringing MND to the masses is amazing. Keep going forward!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Janet, thanks for posting those inspriational pictures.

As Sophie said, we have Dancing with the Stars here with two of the same judges you have. When it first went on, I did not watch it, however I tuned it on during Season 2 and have been an addict ever since. It is a no-thinking program that entertains. In these termoilous times, it is nice to have something like that.

Chris said...

Some great pics and memroies there Janet. Thanks for sharing.

Terry said...

Those are great photos, Janet. Thank you for sharing them.

I try to hurry through the evening chores so I can watch Dancing with the Stars!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Hi Janet:) What a wonderful post to read on a Monday morning. I couldn't help but smile looking at all the lovely photos, I remember so many of them:) I think I've been a follower from the early days♥ My sister is another big fan of S.D. We have our own version of S.D. which I haven't watched as yet. I'm a huge fan of the Royle family and when we need a laugh we pop on one of their DVD's. What is it about men and the TV remote:( Love Linda xxx

Diane said...

Some great photos Janet. I'm glad you shared them with us. xxx

Molly said...

All these lovely people. God bless Andrew and all of you.

Terry said...

Janet, you and your family are on my mind tonight. I hope you all are doing as well as possible. xxx

Janet said...

Thanks Terry xx
Andrew should be going home today [Sunday ] hopefully in time to watch the grand prix [ fingers crossed ] He and my brother in law have entered into a internet game-you get to choose your own drivers for your team and can swap last minute depending on qualifying lap times-there`s a leader board and medals to be won-Tim`s leading but Andrew is hot on his heels :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

just love all the photos for all the world,

Gill in Canada

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

What wonderful photo's...I can see why they're some of your favorites Janet. That photo of Andrew tuning the guitar is perfect. I haven't seen strictly dancing but we do have dancing with the stars over here. I'm afraid I've only watched part of a couple of shows and that's it. I don't tend to watch TV much other than movies...and not very often at that. I miss so much!!!! ;) Thanks for sharing your photo's with us...I loved it.
Maura :)