Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Virgin London Marathon

Meet Colin and Eric , Eric is living with MND and his best friend Colin has set himself a target of raising £2 500.00 for Eric`s Motor Neurone Disease tribute fund, by running in this years Virgin London Marathon on the 22nd April .
Colin writes Eric won`t benefit from it himself but it is a mark of the man that he has set up the fund so others will benefit from the efforts of his family and friends. Please donate if you can -we know times are hard but as Eric once said - You never know which £ donated is gonna lead to that all important research breakthrough ! For those of you who are maybe thinking of giving up smoking as part of a New Year `s resolution- Why not let us help you-donate the cost of a packet of cigarettes [ around £7 ] to our just giving site- which then sends your donation straight to the M.N.D.A. automatically claiming Gift Aid if you are a U.K. taxpayer , so your donation is worth more.

Colin is already off to a flying start and has raised £550.00 with gift aid adding another 20% to that total !! Training has started in earnest with Colin trying to raise as much awareness as he possibly can by wearing his M.N.D training vest [ and one of our awareness bands too- of course]

You can follow Colin`s blog and catch up on his training sessions and donate by clicking on the link below

Some of you might remember this picture taken last Boxing day , Colin`s wife Cristina sent it in -She had bought some bands from us and thought it a nice gesture to show Eric and the family their support by wearing them , Cristina wrote.....
They are a lovely family -we will never give up trying to beat this illness or trying to raise awareness - Well said ! And good Luck to you Colin xx

You will be seeing more of Eric and his family and friends soon on the T.V. As Eric`s house has been given a make over by the DIY SOS team ! The programme will be going out around March time- Cristina`s laughs we made sure were all wandering around in the background wearing our MND T- shirts to raise as much awareness as we can for the MNDA .
I will keep you updated when I know more .


Diane said...

More angels on earth. Your blog restores my faith in man (and woman )kind Janet. I hope you are well Janet xxxxx

Jim said...

This is so heart-warming, Janet. What a culprit this MND is. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Janet...continuing prayers for a cure!

Nikki Woodman said...

Best wishes to you.. MND is so cruel. I have just been diagnosed, still in shock. But friends have been so supportive.

Janet said...

Keep strong Nikki and never give up hope xx

Terry said...

Yay for Colin!
I hope you are doing ok, dear Janet.

Denise said...

Lovely post Janet, thank you so much. One of these days, hopefully not in the very distant future, they will find a cure.

To answer your question about the bird on the right of my picture, it is a male Housefinch. I get quite a lot of them at my feeders, along with their more muted colored mates.

Denise said...

Hi again Janet, I am back. I mispoke when I told you that the bird was a Housefinch. I read your comment again and saw that you asked about the bird in my header photo. That one is a female Cardinal. the male Cardinals are bright red.

Janet said...

Hi Diane
Yes I`am fine thank you !

Thanks Jim
And Theanne - Terry xxxx

Denise -Thank you for popping by and letting me know- that bird was so pretty.x