Thursday, 12 April 2012

A head for Heights - but where ?

Thank you so much Natasha for sending in this fabulous photograph - You certainly have a head for heights , what a fantastic view ! So let`s have a bit of fun now and play guess the location game ! The correct guess wins a free MND awareness band-I also want to see if any of you are clever enough to name this world famous building in which she is standing in !
Some of you might already have purchased bands from me before - please have a guess -I will pass the band along to the next person if you don`t want it -so leave a comment and have a go !


Terry said...

No idea, but wow, what a view!

Janet said...

Well I have shared this post onto facebook and we have a winner there for another chance to win a band I will give you all another clue -
Natalie is on top of the world !

Nikki Woodman said...

Reykjavik "eye".... PERHAPS?