Sunday, 19 December 2010

Keep the photographs coming !

Happy Christmas to Gwynnie and Mal ! Thank you for sending in this photograph taken just over a month ago now , can you guess the location ? a small clue -its taken here in the U.K. and is usually the first place [and last !] to get snow ! Please keep your photographs coming-especially those supporters who have had bands and yet to send their photo`s in ! I`am surprised I have yet to receive a photograph of a snowman wearing a band -so come on ! put all those kids to work and get them out from under your feet and lets have a competition for the best one !


Gill - That British Woman said...

somewhere in Scotland? At a ski hill!!! Possibly Cairngorm?

Honestly no idea..........not a fan of outdoor sports period and not when its cold!!

Gill from a cold and snowy Canada.....ironic eh!!

Sharon said...

Good Sunday, Janet!

Can't believe it's in UK, I would have thought the North Pole! LOL! Man, that does look COLD! Brrrrrrrrr! Or maybe Antarctica, but I have heard it's summer (not really... summer) there!

I guess you are not so warm there yourselves, what is going on with the weather?

Have a great day!

John Gray said...

by the feel of it

Janet said...

Well done Gill ! the answer is Cairngorm !