Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Our bands really do get everywhere !

Our bands really do find themselves turning up in all sorts of places ! And here is one in Bermuda !
Dave Spragg sent in this photo of friend Mel Fitzgerald saying - "Mel is a great supporter of my charitable efforts and was more than happy to buy a band and take it halfway round the world "
What stars thank you Mel and Dave ! though not sure what Mel looks like she`s doing ?
Our next 2 photographs were sent in by Mal Torres who lives in Three Rivers, Texas. The above photo is of her daughter Lisa doing her farm chores wearing her band ! and the photo below Mal describes as old Tex spreading the word !
I would like just to say a big thank you to my old set of neighbours Don and Sheila Hatch and Glenys and Geoff Sturgess ! We still keep in touch [ even after 7 years ] , When we left our old cottage we were heartbroken at leaving them behind and had joked that we wanted to take them with us ! Both have popped into the shop where I work this week with Christmas cards and cash donations for Andrews charity- your kindness is very much appreciated ! Thank you so much xx
Big hugs to you both.


Sharon said...

Hey Janet!
Great things are happening because of your love for your brother! The bands are really making it around the world!


Tracey said...

Amazing Janet. Keep on keeping on. Old Tex reminds me of John....! xxx

Nekkid Chicken said...
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Nekkid Chicken said...

Oops made a typo:

Sssssssh Tracey! Don't say that outloud. Old Tex may just ban me from his store when I go to buy gasoline. He believes he is very unique.