Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ticking Boxes

Well , I would like to think that we are all now set for this coming Saturdays adventure at the Constitutional Club ! At the beginning of the week I decided, instead of just putting a poster in the shop window where I work I would add a miniature drum kit [ borrowed from nephew Peter`s lad- Louis whose is nearly 3 ! ] So far it seems to have worked ! with lots of people stopping to look and read the poster- I even colour co-ordinated clothes to the MND colours of blue and orange !
The lovely lady Rhian , from the local Prestatyn weekly Journal has done Andrew proud and written a smashing article about Saturdays concert and I even phoned our local radio station to see if they would give us a plug !
When I was greeted by a friendly voice saying hello -I wasn`t sure if I had the right number or not ! So asked very politely is that the radio station and if it is could you please give us a plug for our forth coming charity concert this coming Saturday? - Of course we can -you are on air now ! Go for it ! [ nearly dropped the bloomin phone ] Lucky enough I had the poster in front of me- so I sort of gabbled on a bit- I think everything came out in the right order without stuttering [ seems to happen when I`am nervous ! ] And only a few ........erms at the end ! Proud of myself ! The D.J. promised he would give us a few more plugs throughout the week .
I had a lovely surprise on Tuesday when a parcel arrived through the post for me !
Felt like it was my birthday [ and no -it`s not!! ] Exciting opening something - Hmmm ? What could it be ? Ahh ! isn`t he gorgeous ? He has come all the way from Australia from fellow blogger Linda -thank you ! I`am chuffed to bits with him Linda ! He will be sitting on my computer desk with me- a wonderful reminder of how kind and supportive people have been, not just to me but to all our family !
Well , I have just got all the raffle prizes together and everything is sorted ready to be loaded straight into the car -the sun has just come out- so its time I went and did some serious pottering around in the garden, Jess loves getting out in the garden with me- she just loves to sunbathe !
Some dogs just have life sussed ! hope you are all having a good day !


judy said...

Well done again Janet another good blog some people are so kind restores your faith in human beings lots of love xxx

Sharon said...

Oh Janet, you are just great! To be on the air and actually speak! Good on you!!! Nice that they are going to plug it some more!

Hoping for a really good turnout!


Jim said...

Well Miss Fancy Pants! On the radio no less!
Nice work Janet. Good luck with the concert.
Jess is a real cutie!

Janet said...

You wouldn`t think that if you had been listening in !x

Jim said...

Janet, to answer your inquiry re what animal I'd be?...I have always said that it would be an eagle, to be soaring with the breezes. My choice for plant would be a tree!
What does all this tell you? Please share.....I think.

Terry said...

Janet! I can't imagine being on the radio on the spot! You are awesome!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Janet!
Congratulations on being a radio celebrity if only for a few seconds and getting your plug in about the concert on Saturday. Ooo I'd love to be there but I'll just have to be satisfied with the photo's I'm sure you'll post later. Jess looks like she's ready for a swim! have a wonderful weekend!
Maura :)

Tracey said...

Well done you! I would have dropped the phone. Remember to rest Janet, or you'll be well & truly knackered....xxxxxxxxxxx

Diane said...

Sending you good luck wishes . You did well to keep speaking on the radio! xxxxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

good luck tonight Janet and I am sure you will raise a lot of money, can't wait to hear all about it,

Gill in Canada

sophie...^5 said...

Go Jess Go! you just have to be careful with the U.V. stuff these days! Cheers!