Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Loving Tribute

At the beginning of this year sister in law Jayne put some of our Motor Neurone Disease Awareness bands on ebay to sell, Rachael-pictured here on the right with her sister Claire and father Norman bought one and asked Jayne for advice about fundraising and how we got the support from the M.N.D.A. Jayne has been emailing Rachael to see how she and her dad have been getting on , but strangely on Friday Jayne felt she had to email Rachael [ call it intuition ] only to be told that her father had died that morning - in fact, as Jayne was typing her email . Rachael and her sister Claire are throwing themselves into fundraising and awareness for M.N.D. ,and only on Friday morning they had their picture with their dad , and a lovely article published in their local paper-this is the link if you wish to read their story-
http://www.northanset.co.uk/news/local/corby/a_loving_tribute_to_dying_father_1_2619272 This is another young family devastated by this dreadful disease and a reason to free the world of M.N.D. From all of Andrews family -our heartfelt condolences , we are thinking of you .


Sharon said...

A story of love, my condolences to the family. Thanks for posting this, Janet.

Terry said...

Oh I'm so sorry. Heartfelt sympathy to Rachael, Claire, and all of their family.

Tim Williams said...

What a heart wrenching moment when the world stands still as you loose a loved one. Our thoughts are with Rachel and Claire and their family.

Diane said...

Such sadness and loss. xxxx

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Janet,
Such a sad thing to happen to this family. MND is a terrible disease and I never realized how quickly it can overcome a person. Thank you for sharing this story with us and my heart goes out to Rachael and Claire and family.

Thanks for stopping by today and admiring the porches. I think you need porches over there...at least you could be outside even in the rain and enjoy your garden even if you can't work in it. Just a thought. I hope today is a warm sunny one for you. Take care.
Maura X

Gilly said...

MND is a terrible disease - having nursed patients suffering from it, in hospital, I know from first hand the tragedy it is.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my blog - do come again!