Sunday, 17 April 2011

Meet the wonderful Jenny Green !!

The Jenny Green Challenge Fund has been established by British housewife and mother Jenny Green [ pictured above ] and her family to raise funds into the causes and possible better treatments for MND , Jenny was diagnosed in June 2009 and is experiencing considerable loss of mobility in the limbs and is dependent on a wheel chair for mobility. Last year Jenny took part in her first fundraising challenge for M.N.D - she competed in an international sailing race at the Regatta Royal in Cannes
with 65 of the top international Dragon crews taking part ,Regatta Royal is a challenging race for any competitor, but for Jenny , completing all races in the Regatta was a huge task. Jenny sailed alongside her husband Malcolm and said fatigue and weakness were the biggest hurdles and getting annoyed about the things she cannot do anymore or that took so much longer didn`t help either !! She says....It was difficult moving around the boat and balancing on the side without much help from the legs-but when racing I can feel almost normal- there is no time for doom and gloom , as all the concentration went on the competition !
Jenny pictured above preparing for the start of the race and below in action !
Since the Regatta last year Jenny`s MND has progressed and her disability is greater now-many people would have retired to an armchair , but not Jenny .She remains totally committed to making the most of her remaining life to raise funds so that in the future others with MND might have access to improved treatments and perhaps even a cure . At the end of May Jenny will ride her off-road mobility vehicle all the way from Notre Dame Cathedral , Paris to the Cutty Sark in Greenwich London. Jenny writes a wonderful blog - full of warmth and humour , you can keep up with her progress and leave Jenny some words of encouragement at she has been in training for this event which will require her to cover around 50km a day- she jokes-even taking a pee requires careful planning !! each training session leaves Jenny utterly drained and exhausted. Wishing you well Jenny-I will be rooting for you and following your progress- you are truly inspirational ! I look forward to seeing the photographs-Jenny has promised to send me some wearing her motor neurone disease bands while in action !


Sharon said...

Good Sunday, Janet!
You have really started a roller-coaster here and it's working! Hurray for Jenny Green to start her own fund and raise more awareness about MND! Wow, she is trying some dangerous deeds, she has some definite spunk! Paris to London is some trip for one of those off road mobilities!
How is Andrew doing these days? How are you doing? Thanks for your inspirational blog!
Have a lovely Sunday!

judy said...

Well done Janet another inspiring blog What a brave lady it would be so easy to sit back and watch but no she is going as far as she can bless her xxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a very brave and courageous lady,


Hesta Nesta said...

A very brave and inspirational lady. Thank you for the lovely message you left on my post.
Jo xx

Cassie said...

Hello from farrrrr N.Idaho Janet! Snow falling as I type this at Starbucks. Jenny seems to be quite a gal. (Very pretty too!) I'll go to her blog after this. Hugs & love to you and your family. Hope your week is a good one.xx

Jim said...

Truly inspirational, Janet! Thanks for this introduction.

Terry said...

Wow! What a remarkable woman!

DeniseinVA said...

Another wonderful human being who faces many challenges in this life. An inspiratio to us all.