Friday, 27 May 2011

The Prestatyn Classic Car Show line up.........

We now have the posters up and ready, advertising our " Ride with me to Beat M.N.D " for this coming May Bank Holiday[ Monday 30th] . As you can see we have a fabulous selection of cars to chose from...17 altogether !! [ click on poster to enlarge ] The cars will be parked opposite the vicarage gates-just off the main high street by Blockbusters videos [ -suggested donations from £5-£30 depending on the car , and duration-i.e. short or long ride ] For more information or reserve a time slot phone Tim Williams on..07788492702 or
contact http://www. or come see us at the show at our M.N.D gazebo !

It is now Saturday morning and we have 5 more cars volunteering to give rides-What a generous lot you car owners are ................they are ....

A Maserati GranTurismo 2007
Porche Carrera 2010
Lancia Spider 1997
Lancia 166

Can`t thank you guys enough-I hope you have a brilliant day and enjoy yourselves- and I`m really looking forward to meeting you all-see you all there !

If you like cars then you might like this ..........

Sticking with a car show theme I thought you might enjoy this video- My friend Roly Roberts is the voice you can hear singing ! Roly has a bet on at the moment-he wants to get 500 likes or dislikes on this video using facebook, Can you help him? If you get a moment please watch it or berate it [he won`t mind either ] -then get your friends to do the same......If he wins , it will cost his friend £50 into a charity of his choice !


Denise said...

Hello Janet, good luck with the car show. I can't remember if I ever saw The Italian Job but it makes me want to check it out after seeing this video, especially as Michael Cane is in it. One of my all time favorites.

I've tried to leave comments here off and on all last week so hoping this goes through finally. Wanted to thank you for the wrist bands. I'm meeting up with my friends next Wednesday and I'll pass them out and take a photo for you.

I'll try getting to Roly's Facebook after this.

Janet said...

Thanks Denise ! that will be fabulous-look forward to seeing the photo`s x

Cassie said...

Sounds like lots of fun. I'd like to tour in the Maserati! A Lotus is the fanciest car I've ever riden in. I'll check into my YouTube and vote for your friend's video.

Sharon said...

Hi Janet, wish I was there! :-)

Have a great time on Monday and I hope you make fistfuls of cash!

The Motoring said...

Excellent pieces. Keep posting such kind of photos on your blog.