Monday, 30 May 2011

A Roaring Success !

This weekends fundraising got off to a fast paced start - as part of the Prestatyn Classic Car and Bike Show -Tim also organised a classic car run on the Sunday and managed to incorporated in it a little bit of impromptu MND fundraising helped by committee members Debbie and Peter who collected a whopping £80 in the bucket from the generous drivers taking part in the run.[ pictured above is Tim doing a charity ride in his Porche Targa ]
Ned and I got off to an early start this morning[ Monday] in the pouring rain- we were in town by 8am putting up our MND gazebo in readiness for the start of the show at 10.30
Here`s a line up of our MND ladies who completed the first shift selling tickets for our " Ride with me to beat MND "[ L-R ] Cousin Karen, daughter Abbi, me, aunty Judy, and also Stuart Lewis [not in picture] You did a fantastic job all of you ! Thank you.

One lucky lad had a fantastic time [pictured above ] when he was treated to a ride in a Maserati GranTurismo , grins all round ! What fabulous music the Maserati and the Ferrari made when they treated the crowd to a engine revving competition - everybody appreciated the sound !!
I must especially thank all the classic car owners who took part in the "ride with me-to beat MND " I really enjoyed meeting you all and what a very kind and generous lot you were -not only allowing us to use your" Pride and joys " in raising money but also donating generously yourselves-and staying long over your allotted time slot-Thank you.
Hubby Ned had a thrilling ride in a Westfield sports car owned by Peter who had travelled from Llanwrst to take part [ notice his biking leathers matched the car ] Hmm !
I had a wonderful ride in the little red Austin 7 RP Box -now I want one ! A special thank you to father and daughter team- Ray and Lynda who owned this car and the Lanchester-they worked really hard all day taking people out for rides-one lady enjoyed herself so much Ray chuckled that she waved at everyone she passed by !
A big thank you goes out to ALL our wonderful helpers -pictured here is Anna and her friend Emma.
Brother John and Chris took over for the second shift in the MND gazebo - they really did a fantastic job especially as John puts it, the only car he has any knowledge of is his very battered Citroen Berlingo !
Our supporters came in all sizes - pictured here is Louis [my nephews son ] wearing his MND band as you can see he has just had his face painted as Spiderman .[er I think ? ]
A lot of our drivers told us how much they had enjoyed their day and said that they were more than willing to come back next year to do it all again ! Tim did a fantastic job organising this event and I`am really proud of him and all of his committee members for putting on such a successful show, not only did he do Prestatyn Town proud but he did Andrew proud too - we raised a fabulous £700 for the MNDA.
The money raised will fund a research project into finding better treatments and possible cure for MND.


Sharon said...

Wow you did really well and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Great Job Janet and crew!

Jim said...

What a great time! Janet you have really helped put MND 'on the map'. Congratulations.

Callie said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all... especially Spiderman!

Happy Birthday, Janet!
Hope you had a wonderful day!

Denise said...

Congratulations, that is fantastic! Janet, that much promised picture will be on my blog within the hour.

Janet said...

Thanks Denise ! what a lovely photograph of you all - I share my birthday with Hazel- so this was a lovely birthday surprise for me too - I hope you all had a brilliant time ! xx

Tracey said...

You've been tagged.....if you want! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx