Sunday, 8 May 2011

Run Balmoral

Congratulations to my cousin Russell for completing a grueling multi terrain half marathon run recently- raising £110 for motor neurone disease- Well done you-an excellent result ! Russell pictured here wearing his band before the start of the run -[he writes I was too knackered after to take any photographs ! ] said the run went really well- as you can see the weather and the setting were great and the fact he was being sponsored helped him get round what turned out to be a hilly 13 miles, crossing the moors at 1200ft before dropping back to the castle at Balmoral-I had to chuckle as he wrote saying the best part of the run -was that the beer tastes so much better afterwards and a warm evening sat out in the sun was just the ticket to aid recovery . And well deserved too Russ !
You can see a photo of Russell crossing the finishing line at,27+&Name.=
Russell is the one in the middle with the gorgeous legs !


judy said...

WEll done Russell cant get the picture but know he has gorgeous legs it does help if you know you are doing it for a good cause thanks Janet xxx

Terry said...

How beautiful! Good job, Russell!

Janet said...

Hi Judy ! I have had trouble with blogger all weekend- will try and get that link sorted ! it really wouldn`t be fair to deprive the public of a photograph of those legs ! have a lovely holiday xxxx