Saturday, 4 June 2011

Car Booting !

A couple of weeks ago some friends of Andrew`s [Gaz and Annie ] were determined to find a way to help and to give our fundraising a little bit of a boost. They came up with the idea of de-cluttering their lives and making a bit of money by getting rid of some unwanted items at our local car boot!. There to give a hand was Annie`s son Joe who has done a little bit of charity work before- with banner and buckets at the ready they set off 7.30 am on a damp Sunday morning[ no mean feat getting Gaz out of bed that early-laughs Annie ] to set up a stall at our largest car boot sale in this area - at Sainsburys roundabout , Rhuddlan. I must give a mention and a special thank you to brothers Jacob and Issac Jones who were very generous in donating some of their toys -Jacob [who is only 10years old ] has raised quite a bit of money for the British heart Foundation-according to Joe - Jacob`s Dr Who toys were a sell out and it was those toys that raised the most money for our cause !
At around 10am it poured down with rain- so we reduced everything to a £1 or half price and by half ten we were on our way home- laughs Joe ! The picture above is of Joe proudly wearing his supporters MND band- after counting up the money he helped raised ! The car boot sale made a fabulous £115 for the MNDA -that takes some doing !! Well done guys-Andrew was delighted !!
We will get some certificates printed up for your school portfolios .


Sharon said...

That was great! Good on Joe!

Diane said...

Well done to them - young folk often unfairly get bad press, so its lovely to hear of them giving so much. xxxx

Denise said...

I always think it's very heartwarming to hear of youngsters donating their toys. Well done Jacob and Issac, and everyone else involved.