Thursday, 23 June 2011

Jenny Final Day Interview- Motor Neurone Disease Awareness week UK

Here in the U.K. it is Motor Neurone Disease Awareness week, please help if you can by donating and purchasing one of our bands to help promote awareness of this dreadful disease and help increase funding to enable more research- they cost £2.50 each, all of which goes to the MNDA.

Here are a few reminders about why we need this research.

5 people die everyday in the UK from MND
50% within 14 months of diagnosis
MND is a rapidly progressive , fatal disease that can affect any adult at any time-there is currently no cure and there is no treatment-only palliative care.
MND leaves people unable to walk,talk or feed themselves but their intellect and senses usually remain unaffected.
Sufferers can still think and feel but their bodies refuse to work.
Its a commonly held misconception that MND is a inherited disease infact only 5-10 % of all MND victims have a familial history of the disease.The simple truth is that to date no one knows what causes MND.

Below is a video of MND sufferer Jenny Green[ wearing one of our bands]- after finishing her Paris to London Tramper challenge ,there are some lovely pictures on her blog of the gorgeous French countryside and wildlife she encountered on her travels -if you get a moment please pop over and have a look-she writes a wonderful blog full of humour and has a wonderful supportive family-her two sons cycled along side her for morale support with her husband driving the support truck-one of her sons on the first day streaked past Jenny on his bicycle naked as the day he was born-Jenny laughs I haven`t seen that much of him in 30 years !! [no pictures of that I`m afraid !!] You can donate and visit Jennys blog at The Jenny Green Tribute Fund.


Sharon said...

Jenny is a very courageous lady!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Eh Jenny lass♥ What an amazing lady you are:) xxx

John Gray said...

well written jan

Terry said...

What a terrible disease. Good work, Janet.

Jim said...

Hi Janet, I have been following along with Jenny. A very brave woman she is!
Thanks for sharing the statistics on MND. I didn't realize it was so prevalent.
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Denise said...

I will have to visit this lady's blog. Another wonderful post Janet, keep up the great work! The more we are educated about this illness, the more we understand the importance of research.