Friday, 10 June 2011

A lovely surprise

Its always a nice surprise in the mornings after checking my emails to find that someone has left us a donation and a request for some bands-so last week it was even lovelier to receive a donation out of the blue from someone I hadn`t heard from, for a while- and a very handsome donation to boot at that ....... £100.00 !! A very special thank you to Dave Spragg !! Dave took some wristbands from me last year to sell and a little collecting box-not bad for 20 bands he wrote in his email !!! Absolutely brilliant I say Dave , Well done !!!- Dave who loves walking- took part in Mike Peter`s Snowdon rocks last August and is in the above picture- Andrew went along to support Mike`s Love Hope Strength Cancer Charity and walked down Snowdon to raise awareness and funds for Leukemia, Mike very generously agreed to stop and have some photographs taken for MND- in this photograph is Andrews son Jonathan[second from left] Mike Peters, Andrew ,brother in law Tim [it was his birthday that day !!] and Dave Spragg-That same evening there was a wonderful Alarm concert at Rhuddlan castle where Andrew was teching for Mike, it was a lovely evening and I will never forget the wonderful sunset as we were leaving-Tim said it was the best birthday he had ever had !!

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Sharon said...

I would say that WAS a lovely surprise! Look how that money is rising in the thermometer graph! WOW! Super!