Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Alarm/Rain in The Summertime. !

This ones for Andrew ! The title pretty much matches the weather we have been having at the moment !! Andrew was teching for Mike at this concert held in May 2010 at the 02 academy in Liverpool-You can just about get a glimpse of Andrew now and again on the extreme left getting Mike`s guitar ready for the next song-the banner you can see at the beginning and towards the end is me-I buttoned holed some guy who was around 6ft 4 to help me wave it about - after pushing my way to the front-much to Andrews embarrassment [ yup ! it had we -heart - Andrew written on it -what are sisters for eh ? ] I have been visiting Andrew every night in St Kentigerns this week, I took our dog Jess with me the other night-I thought some of the staff might frown on this but in fact they couldn`t have been nicer or more friendlier-Jess had a lovely time ! She wasn`t too sure of Andrew`s air bed-wanting to skim across the surface as fast as she could go rather than walk across it sedately-Andrew scratched her belly while she sat nose in the air and eyes half closed in ecstasy ! Andrew`s room has lovely views out on to fields with horses grazing and at dusk he has been getting a couple of nocturnal visitors-a pair of badgers ! I thought I`d take along some peanuts tonight and scatter them about outside his patio door so he can watch them for a little longer.
There is also a steady stream of feral farm cats passing by-one made the mistake while we were there of stopping and looking in on us -Jess went bananas ! Andrew is going home on Saturday-so not long to go now bro ! enjoy the video and see you later xxx


Murphyfish said...

Ah tis a long time since I heard this track, so many memories stirred of wasted youth and kisses stolen in the night. Thanks for the sharing. I don't comment here usually for my words seem so inadequate and weak when I think of the emotions that you and yours must go through regarding Andrew.
Best of regards,

Chris said...

Glad Andrew's back home Saturday, Janet. I've just tried to have a look at St. Kentigern's but the website's down for maintenance at the mo.

Plenty of marauding badgers to see at John's place and other assorted exotic wildlife.

Hope you're both ok.

Sharon said...

Sending my best to Andrew! Been thinking about you and how things are. Badgers, nice that they are out where you can see them and not the other way around.


Terry said...

Peanuts for the badgers is a great idea! Andrew's view sounds very nice. Best wishes to Andrew and all your family.

Denise said...

Say hello to Andrew for me. I've never seen a badger before in the wild, or outside a patio door :) So they like peanuts too eh? I ought to try that on the raccoon's.

ann said...

Hey Jan,
That was a great night out,
Ann xx

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am sure bringing Jess along with you lifted Andrew's spirits.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I hope Andrew got home safe and sound on Saturday?