Sunday, 10 July 2011

Can you name her and save her !

Let our competition begin ! All you have to do is to think up a fabulous name for our little piggy here [ funny , daft original-you choose ! ] donate to MND [ every little bit helps ] and help save her from getting the chop !! If you scroll down and on the right hand side of the page- the donate button is situated above our fundraising thermometer, click on that-make your donation and where is says" purpose " fill in your chosen name ! Simple ! [ this is a safe and secure paypal site ] You will then be automatically entered into our raffle -to be drawn at my brothers " Allotment Open " at St Michael`s Church field ,Trelawnyd on the 17th July starting at 1pm. I`am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with !! For those of you who live locally you can come and meet her in person so to speak- before you make up your mind on a name that you think suits her -there will be lots of home made produce available to buy-eggs, jams ,cakes and homemade bread ! yummy ! The Trelawnyd History exhibition to enjoy not forgetting John`s chickens and allotment to inspect !
Admission £1.50 Children 50p [ complimentary tea and cake ]

So far we have ......." Cockette " from

"Little Nipper" from My brother Andrew [wonder why ? snigger ]

"Mandy" from Moondance Ranch [thanks Terry ! x]

"Bootsie" from

"Peppa pig " from Linda in Australia [ and yes Linda - you can have another go ! ] x

"Pork Chops " from

"Petunia "

"Liberte` from

"Cracklin Rosie " from

"Queenie " from Dorothy Fish [ have posted some bands off to you x]

"Bacon Bits " from

"Swines Herd`s Girl " from Bridget Measures

"Lucky Swine " Bridget again x

"Chicken Killer " Aunty Judy -yes there`s always one ! x

"Oink " from Chris Etches,

"Hyacinth" from A Brit in Tennessee

"Mabel " from A Brit in Tennessee

"Margie " from Eric Woods, Don`t shoot your Meatloaf blog.

"Wilhelmina " from Megan Halli
"Petronella " " "

"Derr" from Molly-aged 11 months

"Johny2 " from George-aged 3 3/4 [Thanks Nia ! x]

"Martha " from Lydia Osbourn

"Button " from Mrs Tess Hines.

"Betty Blue Eyes "

"Jaws " Both from Ann Williams x

"Atinlay" from Comfort-and-joy-gifts .

"Chop suey " or Sue for short from Marie Grime [thanks Marie x]

"Miranda " from Cara Grime

All proceeds to this competition are going to the motor neurone disease association-the winning entry will be drawn out of a hat [or mnd bucket ] and will be notified on the day and receive a prize and signed certificate and photograph of said pig complete with trotter print-good luck !


Terry said...


Diane said...

I'll give you my donation and name next Sunday - she os soooo sweet. PS You snitched on me!!! You told John I was more excited at meeting you!! If i'm in bother, its all your fault! I'll have to bring my minder now. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Janet said...

Diane -John reads this blog ! x
Look forward to meeting you !

JohnD said...

12 is "Buda" and 21 is "Pest" LOL!

Anonymous said...

Done!! The pig has been saved.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Done. Can I pay to have another go? xxx

Janet said...

Hi Linda ! of course you can !x

Jim said...

She is saved!! Hip hip hooray! Let the games begin!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

He he, I couldn't resist this one:) I'm just kidding:) I do hope we save this little piggy from ending up in John's freezer. xxx

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

God save the pig! I'm in.

Janet said...

Thanks everyone ! those are some great names-xxxx

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Hi Jan, I have used my hubby's account to contribute to this cause. My blog is Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe. Liberte' is our entry to name the pig. Hope you reach your goal.

Love John's blog!

DeniseinVA said...

I'll be back Janet, going to put my thinking cap on this one. All those names are very cute so far. For some reason all that came to mind when I saw her was "Priscilla", don't know why.

Good luck with this latest fund raiser and thanks so much for stopping by with your birthday greetings :)

Texan said...

Oh good it went through :O)... Some very creative names so far! LOL

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Sent the PAYPAL fees for two tries, MAYBEL or HYACINTH.
Good luck with your fundraiser, and hope the weather cooperates.

Unknown said...
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Kate said...

Yea! Finally got paid, just in time to Name the Pig/Save the Pig. "Atinlay" made my teenager's eyes roll, so it is a winner in my book! hehehe! Hope you raise scads of money this weekend!

Katie in MN (comfort-and-joy-gifts)

Janet said...

Thanks Katie !