Monday, 18 July 2011

The Prestatyn Trefoil Guild

Meet the wonderful members of The Prestatyn Trefoil Guild- This organization has over 20,000 members here in the U.K. and is mostly made up of women and men who have all been and still are connected to guiding [ and scouting ] A couple of weeks ago, The Prestatyn Branch which meet up on the 1st Monday in every month, held a coffee morning to raise funds and awareness for the motor neurone disease association ,Babs Clarke who organized this event and held it in her home said they were delighted with the response they received after sending out fliers to friends and neighbours-a lot of people were very generous , we were pleasantly surprised and had a lovely morning -these ladies all work very hard for the community and are a very modest lot-never seeking recognition for their work says Babs [pictured in the middle of this photo to my right ] so enough said !! I have just sent our local paper this photograph-so fingers crossed !!
Ann and I were presented with a cheque for the wonderful amount of £180.00 -thank you so much ladies-that takes some doing -we really appreciate all your hard work and it was lovely to meet you all !!


Terry said...

Oh, wonderful!

Sharon said...

That was great! Good to hear it!

(On another note - nope, unable to date that ring, that leaf and the F has me puzzled, it is a very old ring from somewhere)

Gill - That British Woman said...

that was so kind of them and very generous.

Gill in Canada

Denise said...

That's really special and a wonderful group of friends you have there with very kind hearts. Great post Janet.

John Gray said...

well done ladies and gents

you should be very proud of yourselves

thank you

John Gray said...

I mean ladies!!!!

Jim said...

So generous! Nice to see.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Janet!
What a wonderful group of women...too bad there weren't more of them in the world. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and yes if midges are what we call mosquitoes they would certainly get you in that swing thing ;) You sure wouldn't want to sit around in one of those here in Kansas right would be like sitting in dehydrator! I hope the sun is shining in Wales today.
Maura :)