Saturday, 23 July 2011

Chris versus MND ,flower arranging and cake baking !

I would like you all to meet Chris and his curry eating dog Alfie ! [ Not just curry-but anything you might just accidentally drop on the floor and are not quite quick enough to pick up -eh Chris ? ]
Chris is 36 years of age and lives in the North west of England , he has recently got married to Polly and has a daughter Hollie aged 8, he writes they are my world ! Chris was diagnosed with MND in July 2010, he writes a wonderful blog-straight from the heart, if you get a moment please pop across and say hello and leave a comment-I know he would really appreciate it, his intention is to try and raise a little bit of awareness and log how his battle goes, both the ups and the downs -this is the link
It`s a lovely photograph Chris-thank you so much for sending it in !
I`ve been in work all day today-but managed to nip to the florist in my lunch hour and buy two bunches of carnations-I then raided the garden for a bit of greenery and managed to knock up some floral posies for John`s tea tables for his allotment open tomorrow-they do look quite pretty -these photographs haven`t come out very well for some reason but I used peach and yellow flowers..
I have had a steady stream of visitors all day today dropping stuff off at the shop where I work - it`s been like cake H.Q. !! [also lots of bric a brack being dropped off too] Then this evening I started baking-I have made two cakes and have just finished icing them -can you spot the little piggy`s-I couldn`t resist them !
A big thank you to everyone who entered our name the pig and save the pig for MND competition- so far raising over £230.00 !! good luck with the raffle all of you-there are some great names, its still not too late for those of you still thinking of having a go !! Scroll down a couple of posts for instructions on how to enter.
It looks like the weather will be nice for tomorrow, yipee !
Will keep you posted and try and take some photographs this time ! promise !


Sharon said...

Cute little piggies! Carnations are about my favorite "flower shop" flower! Chris is so young, can any age develop MND?

Great that the weather is on your side tomorrow! Have a great time!

Terry said...

I just visited Chris' website but couldn't leave a message.

The open day looks great - the flowers are pretty and the cakes look yummy! Love the piggies. Have fun and raise lots of $$$!

Diane said...

See you early doors tomorrow hopefully. I'll visit Chris. xxx

fromsophiesview said...

fingers crossed for sunny sunny weather tomorrow Janet. Tell John to drink extra coffee if he has to work tonight!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Loved the posies Janet♥ Chris writes a very moving blog and I so admire his courage♥ xxx