Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Natalie`s Skydive for MND

Meet here one very brave young lady-Natalie Barclay [pictured above ] preparing herself for a 12, 000 foot tandem sky dive jump at Headcorn Parachute club [] in Kent last month.
Natalie lost her beloved "Pops " three years ago to motor neurone disease and since then her and her mum Tracy has been involved in raising funds for MND
I don`t think, looking at this I could do it-could you ? It looks an awful long way down !!
She`s smiling !
Looks like you are having a great time - WOW-what an experience - I`am sure you will never forget it !!

Well done ! what a perfect landing !
Natalie set herself a fundraising target of £395 she has exceeded that-the total raised so far stands at £620.00 and the money is still coming in !!
If you wish to donate you can find Natalie`s Just Giving Page at
Pictured above with Natalie after the jump- is one very relieved and proud mum Tracy [centre ] and nan Phyllis
-Tracy laughs Natalie has always been an adrenalin junkie ! next year she plans on a wing walk but only if the plane goes upside down !
We haven`t seen the last of you yet then Natalie !!


Sharon said...

Ooph! That looks like fun for someone her age. Me.... nah, I would be a goner before I landed. Gutsy kid!

Janet said...

I agree with you Sharon- even if I was twenty years younger-I`d have heart failure on the way down !

DeniseinVA said...

She's a braver girl than I am but how wonderful and what an experience. No, don't think I would have done this in my youth either ;) Thanks for stopping by Janet. To answer your question about the difference between a damselfly and a dragonfly, if you go to the following link, it has a very good explanation.

ann said...

Fabulous Tracy,
I would love to do that but I know I would wet myself,very well done your Dad would be proud of you.
Ann xx

Diane said...

Those photos made my stomach churn! Thats something I could NEVER do. xxx

John Going Gently said...

I did it years ago and broke my collar bone.... never again!
Andrew went with me as I recall!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Brave girl:) Well done Natalie♥ xxx

Terry said...

Yikes! Natalie is one brave cookie. How nice that she is raising money for such a good cause.

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

OH MY GOSH...that's one BRAVE young woman...good for her! She's done very well with her goal...above and beyond what she set out to do. Well I'll sure be watching for her next adventure! Hope your Friday is a good one Janet!
Maura :)