Sunday, 14 November 2010

Anna and Louisa

Thank you to our official photographer Stuart Lewis for sending in this photograph of his daughter Anna and her friend taken last Sunday, Anna works as a keep fit instructor at All Saints in Meliden, she completed the Delamere hell raiser run -it is between 10-12 miles and comes with the warning- beware ! there will be everything from running tracks and trails to water filled areas [ by the looks of things I think Anna found them alright ] and plenty of steep hills-expect to get very wet [ Anna ,why do you look soaked and your friend bone dry ? ] It will be nature at its toughest !
According to Anna`s mother her running clothes are still soaking in a bucket [ Anna fell into a bog !!]
Thanks girls for being such good sports and for wearing your supporters bands and sending in your photo !! Well done to the both of you !
Any one out there got a similar photo ? send it in !


Sharon said...

It sounds like a tough run! With mud and muck and all! I would think just making it to the finish is an accomplishment! Nice to see such a smile on such a mess, LOL!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Well done Anna and Louisa:) Pleased to see their lovely smiles after such a long and hard race, good one♥ Linda xx

Louisa said...


Why's Anna filthy and I'm clean?
I sent Anna ahead to find all the obstacles and test out all the mud, bogs, and ditches so I could avoid them? Or maybe she just didn't have the common sense to take wipes and clean, warm, dry clothes? Seriously, if you knew Anna, you'd know why! She's better at falling over and getting bumped and bruised than I am ;-)

For some reason I'm not actually smiling on this picture, but this was a fantastic experience and I did grin all the way around the course. Hellrunner is definitely recommended to anyone who likes a challenge and doesn't mind getting cold, wet and muddy!

Here's to a good cause

Janet said...

Very wise woman Louisa ! We should get our own team up and running and make money for MND ! just a thought !