Monday, 15 November 2010

Raffle prizes- All the way from Australia !

This lovely raffle prize came all the way from Australia - courtesy of Linda ! the girls from the dance class will love this one Linda , clever lady ! We have had it wrapped all in cellophane and added a big bow- it was quite hard to photograph as the light bounces off the cellophane but believe me it looks gorgeous ! It comprises of all sorts of gorgeous things- a cuddly kangaroo with a baby in its pouch, a koala bear , clip on koalas, a bag ,notepads ,wrappping paper, a boomerang and cards ! Linda wrote apologizing that she had taken a few things out because of the postage costs [ around $72.40 ] and wrote it wasn`t one of my brightest ideas-I could have sent you a donation -!! on the contrary I think it will make a fantastic centre piece on the night and attract lots of people to buy our raffle tickets ! Well done and thanks Linda you`re a star !


Terry said...

How sweet of Linda, and what a lovely raffle.

Annie said...

Hi Janet, thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a lovely comment. This raffle prize is fab, how generous. It certainly makes a change from the usual things you get as raffle as prizes, I hope you raise loads of money.
Ann x

Sharon said...

I had thought of sending something, but was concerned about the duty tax you would have to pay and I could lie about the value.

Now that IS cute, cute, cute!

I hope your day went great!

Jabacue said...

This should generate a lot of interest for the 'cause' Janet. Good luck and good job.

John Gray said...

Just to let you know that I have just done a reference for a nurse that worked on my ward back in sheffield.....she got the post!
and guess what it is research sister's post for MOTOR NEURONE disease

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello and thank you for your kind comment on my blog just now. It's always nice to see new names pop up in my inbox. x

What a gorgeous thing to receive. And how generous and sweet by Linda to send it.
Smiling at the sight of all the typically 'Aussi' things in there..! :)

Have a great rest of the week.

x Charlotta

Nekkid Chicken said...

You are very welcome. Lovely blog you have. :O)