Friday, 5 November 2010


I met the actor Frazer Hines today , he walked into the shop where I work, what a lovely man ! He is touring the country with his one man show and is appearing here in our local Scala this Sunday. He is best known for his appearances in Doctor Who [playing along side the second doctor ] and for his role in Emmerdale farm as the gorgeous Joe Sugden [ he is still gorgeous- how come some men don`t seem to age] He was only too happy to support my brother Andrew awareness campaign and bought a wristband from me. " Have you got your camera with you ? You can take a picture now if you like ?" - Can you believe it ,the only bloomin time I didn`t have the camera on me [the language in my head was slightly stronger -I`ve toned it down a tad now !] Making a complete idiot of myself I found myself saying- " I used to have a crush on you when you were in Emmerdale " he replied laughing they all say " use to "- I replied back
well-you`re not in it any more !
duh ! you would have thought I could have come up with something better than that ! after he left the shop I found myself rooted to the spot wondering did that just really happen ? ok who to phone first sister Ann , while texting Andrew- followed by hubby Ned ! !
Frazer is celebrating 50 years in showbiz- his show is full of entertaining stories, he has worked with some of the best Charlie Chaplin ,Michael Caine ,Michael York and Omar Sharif to name but a few, he will be talking of the highs and lows of showbiz life-I`am sure it will be a fascinating insight into his world, hurry some tickets are still available ! I know where I`ll be- Frazer has promised me that all important photograph wearing his supporters band !! One of my favourite sayings- You`re a star ! well now I`ve met a real one ! and he was lovely !
You can check out other tour dates via Frazer`s facebook pages and the following blog

A special thank you to cousin Carol and to Sam Stone-
or google Sam`s Lair


John Going Gently said...

I always prefered Annie Sugden

Janet said...

You surprise me ?

Sharon said...

Oh, drat, no camera!!! You could have had someone snap one of the two of you too! Yep, hindsight is 20/20!

Ruth Trowbridge said...

in sadness the world seems so small, you shared your sadness with the world and now it is expanding so large and joyously, life what a concept - glad to see your efforts have taken a divine life of their own - peace

Tim Williams said...

you never know who's round the corner - and to meet someone who you have a real affinity for and who doesn't disappoint makes this a red letter day. I know you will get your photo, you're like a terrier with a bone, nothing will stop you. Onwards and upwards - no celeb is safe

ann said...

Rose is right, your our star. Count me in on Sunday Ann x

Tracey said...

Trust your daft brother to say he prefered Annie! I would have gone mushy in the head too, is it our age do you think? lol xxx

Sam Stone said...

Dear Janet,

I was lovely to see you and your family at Frazer's show last night. We are only too happy to help and as promised I'll be writing up a blog (as soon as we have time to give it justice) showing that we'll be supporting your cause.

Best wishes to you and especially to Andrew,

Sam Stone & Frazer Hines

Janet said...

Thanks Sam !I really appreciate that!You were brilliant with the question and answer section part of Frazer`s show last night!good luck with the rest of the tour Jan