Monday, 8 November 2010

Photo call !

Well as you can see we got our photo ! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole night , we arrived early as requested , had our photo taken with Frazer [who was charming ] then we skipped off to the pub for a large glass of wine before returning to the Scala to watch Frazer`s show. It was very entertaining and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone thinking of going !
After the interval [and another glass of wine ]there was a question and answer part of the show, the audience had previously been given slips of paper on which to write down any questions they wished to ask Frazer. Ned and I filled all the slips- putting aunty judys name on all of them [sorry jude- you know i`m shy !] I thought you handled yourself really well when they called out your name [not once but three times ]!!
Frazer did talk candidly and with humour of his own battle with illness and in doing so gave us a plug about raising awareness for Andrew and mnd [ he was wearing a cancer charity wrist band aswell as Andrews mnd band]
At the end of the show brother in law Tim sneaked off and bought me Frazer`s book called
"Hines sight "and presented it to me signed by the man himself. A wonderful keepsake of a very enjoyable night-I won`t be forgetting soon !
Thank you to our very own official photographer Stuart Lewis for taking the pictures x
For more info or to buy Frazer`s book


John Gray said...

you forgot to add that you apparantly made a very good impromtu speech at the event!!!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

How wonderful:) Just catching up with all the relevant news, it's all so exciting. What a lovely chap Frazer seems and a night to remember for certain. Linda xx

Ann said...

Yes John you are absolutely right there, we were all impressed your speech Jan you did MND proud. The evening was a great success Frazer was the most charming man,a very entertaining evening
Whats next, bring it on

Ann x

Sharon said...

Hey there, Girl! You did get your picture with the "Star"! Glad it was a good night for everyone!

Terry said...

How cool!